Staying Healthy While Traveling

Happy Wednesday to you! I am writing with tired eyes this morning, but I’m on my second cup of coffee so I hope the caffeine kicks in soon! I have really enjoyed these last few days where I do not have to worry about anything school related. I can read what I want, watch what I want, and hangout with my loved ones without having to worry about studying. This summer went by so fast! I am ready to enjoy these last few weeks before school begins again.

So, this post today is all about staying “healthy” while traveling. I am not hear to tell you to only eat rice cakes and carrot sticks, (been there, done that) but to enjoy all the food traveling has to offer but in moderation! I like to eat foods that make me feel my best so I choose to eat the way I do because I know eating certain foods will make me feel bad, physically and mentally.

Lettuce get started!

  1. Pack your favorite snacks!


When you pack your favorite snacks, you don’t have to worry about stopping at a gas station and buying a bunch of junk because you already have some great snacks with you! Snacks also help if you don’t have time to stop for a proper meal. On our way to Canada, my mom didn’t want to stop for lunch and it wasn’t a problem for me because I had sweet potato chips and beef jerky I could eat instead.

Here is a list of my favorite road trip snacks:

2. Pack fresh fruit / veggie slices


Pack apples, berries, oranges, sliced cucumber or carrots, bananas, etc. Packing fruits and vegetables that don’t necessarily have to be refrigerated is handy! I like packing apples and berries or applesauce!

3. Order simple things at restaurants

When we were traveling to Canada we stopped at Panera twice (because it is quick and easy!) and the first time I got a sprouted bagel sandwich and the second time I got a salad. Eating something simple and light kept my feeling my best when we were driving. I knew eating something heavy and large would not make me feel good!

4. Get moving!

When I travel, I like to walk as much as possible since traveling to your destination usually involves sitting for a long period of time. Luckily in Canada, we got take several small walks throughout the way and we spent one afternoon hiking. So, go on walks, go for a run, rent a bike, try out a local gym, swim some laps, anything to get you moving!

5. Enjoy where you are!

Don’t take life so seriously. Traveling is supposed to be fun! You don’t have to eat 100% clean and miss out on the yummy food the culture around you has to offer. Everyday in Canada I had 1 maple Timbit, 1 chocolate Timbit, and 1 birthday cake Timbit. You know why? Because Bowling Green doesn’t have Timbits and I wanted to enjoy some while I was in Canada! I also drank a lot of wine because…wine. Anyways, I’m not saying you should go overboard and eat 53 donut holes, but just have small bites of what looks good and enjoy it!

I hope this helps you next time you are traveling!