Welcome! My name is Anastasia and this is my blog…Lettuce Attend.


Why “Lettuce Attend”? Well, first of all, I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian. In my Church at the beginning of the Epistle and Gospel reading we say “Let us attend” in order to capture everyone’s attention. Say it quick and you get “lettuce” and anyone who knows me, knows I love lettuce. And lettuce SCREAMS healthy, so Lettuce Attend was born. It’s the perfect combination of my love for lettuce, my love for Christ, and my love for the Church.

So, a little bit about me…I am currently a Public Health major and plan on pursuing a Master’s program within the Public Health field once I graduate in December of 2018. For a long time I found myself wanting to pursue a career in Dietetics after battling a tough eating disorder in high school. (Which you can read about HERE) It wasn’t until I was sitting in my Advanced Nutrition class that I realized I didn’t WANT to be a Dietician the way the other students in my class did. They all loved being in school and they all loved science classes. I however HATE school. I am so terrible at it. But then I also realized, I have never taken any courses that I actually enjoy going to class for. Public Health has changed that for me. It makes me excited to learn about ways to improve our health as a community!


So, what sparked my passion for food?

I grew up always loving food. I didn’t really grow up eating out much since my mom and dad placed an emphasis on the importance of eating a home-cooked meal as a family. Now, that’s not to say it was picture-perfect all the time. I mean, I had my 8th birthday party at McDonald’s. One thing that I think encouraged my love for food is WHAT my mom fed us. I grew up eating a wide variety of food. I remember friends coming over and thinking what my mom cooked for us was “weird” and it was just stuffed cabbage rolls. “Weird” to them was normal to me and stuffed cabbage rolls still remain my favorite dish!


I used to feel like such a freak because I loved food in a way my friends didn’t. I get excited about food. I get giddy planning out what I am going to eat next or how can I cook certain vegetables, or even watching my mom make dinner so I can learn to cook meat. For a long time, I felt out-of-place for my love of food. But not anymore. Reading blogs, writing my own, collecting cookbooks from all over is such a passion of mine and I don’t apologize for it anymore.


Now, I eat “clean” foods about 90% of the time. I enjoy lots and lots of vegetables (I eat sauerkraut and sweet potatoes like it’s my job), I eat a little fruit (mainly apples), and I try to stay away from grains (except for the occasional bowl of oatmeal or sourdough toast). I also really try to stay away from any kind of sugar. Don’t get me wrong, that other 10% involves a lot of wine, maple syrup on paleo pancakes, ice cream, or dark chocolate. I also drink a lot, a lot of coffee. I choose to eat this way because it makes me feel so FREAKIN GOOD! I try not to restrict myself of anything because my obsessive personality just wants more of it.


If there is anything that I have learned from maintaining a healthy lifestyle its this: Everything in moderation!


What EXACTLY is my blog about?


Well, it’s about me. It’s about my life. It’s me trying to show you that creating a healthy lifestyle is not boring and it’s not hard. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it makes you WANT to wake up and enjoy every moment life throws your way. I talk about everything from what I ate that day, to easy recipes, to natural skin care, to my favorite things I have been loving lately. I feature a lot of my family, a lot of my boyfriend, I talk a lot about God, and most importantly I talk a lot about how it is OK to be authentically yourself 100% of the time.


My Boy Wonder Pup — Owen!

One morning in January 2018 I woke and decided I wanted to welcome a dog into my life that very day. I don’t know what I would do without this little guy. He brings me so much happiness, keeps me active, and is definitely my best friend. The minute I saw him I was in love. He is named after my favorite book – A Prayer For Owen Meany. He is featured in just about every blog post! I love him to pieces.


The product that changed my life: Juice Plus+ 



Imagine flooding your body with over 40 fruits in vegetables in just six little capsules every day. What would that look like for you? For me, this meant a healthy gut, clear skin, more energy, and preparing my body to carry children one day. Juice Plus+ has transformed my health and I want YOU to feel just as amazing as I do.

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I hope you stick around!


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P.P.S. I am not a professional writer, so there will be grammatical and punctuation errors. I’m only human, after all.