Canada trip part 2

Today I am sharing Part 2 of our Canada trip! Incase you missed it, here’s Part 1!


After our morning walk, we all went out separate ways for a little nap before driving farther North. It took about an hour and a half to drive to the zip lining place. The drive was beautiful!


On the way there, we stopped in a small town to have lunch and walk around. We went to a brewery first to taste test a few beers. We look so tired!



We had lunch at the cutest little restaurant! I got these steamed pork buns with a korean beef inside. They had such a unique menu.





(Ignore my disgusting chipped nail)

Birthday drink for the birthday girl! (Don’t worry, no alcohol was involved)


Then, coffee!


And…more driving…luckily we were almost there.




When we got to the zip lining park, we had to hike about a mile to the actual zip line. We also got to see the inside of some caves along the way. Once we finally got the zip lining area, I was a nervous wreck! I have zip lined before but never one that was so high up or a 1/2 mile long.

Right after we zip lined, we walked across the most beautiful suspension bridge. You could see for miles!



After the bridge, we took a tractor ride back to our car. We had an hour and a half drive back and I was exhausted. I slept most of the trip back. Once we finally got back to the house we were staying in, we got cleaned up a little and went to hangout with my family. My uncle made roast with grilled corn and potatoes and carrots. They also bought a cake for Danica’s birthday! It was so sweet.

The next morning, I started the day with eggs and granola before we did some last-minute shopping for the Pig Roast BBQ.


We spent most of the day relaxing before the Pig Roast started around 1!



Lots of rose was sipped and the most delicious appetizers were eaten. My favorite was the grilled cheese between grilled watermelon and grilled pineapple.



We sat around talking for a couple of hours and then it was time to feast! My Uncle is probably the most amazing chef so there were tons of different meats for everyone. I can’t remember them all but I think there was shrimp, pork shoulder, chicken wings, chicken thighs, ribs, and…I can’t remeber! There was so much food! He also makes the BEST baked beans. All from scratch.


I was so, so full when I was done! My mom, sister, and I went on several little walks throughout the night to help with our digestion.

I went to bed pretty early that night because we had such a long drive ahead of us!

We woke up around 4:30 the next morning to get on the road back to Bowling Green! I had downloaded some shows on Netflix to watch on the way back home. We stopped at an IKEA in Cincinnati on the way home. That was my first time ever going and to be honest, I hated it!! There were so many people, too many things to look at, and everything seemed really cheap. Don’t hate me! haha, that is just my opinion.

We also stopped at a Panera (where else?) for lunch!


We got home around 7:30 (Hallelujah!) and I took a long, long shower. Long car rides make me feel super gross for some reason. Then Dancia got to open some gifts!


Love that girl!

Well, that’s all folks! I will post about staying healthy while traveling tomorrow!

Thank you Aunt Janet and Uncle Casey for having us! We always have fun. Love you guys!

Thanks for reading ❤