What I Ate Wednesday

Hiii! How are you?

I’m good considering we are halfway done with the work week. Since it’s Wednesday and all, below I am sharing what I have been eating lately. Hopefully it inspires you to eat something healthy today 🙂

Breakfast: 3 farm fresh eggs, peach from the farmers market, and a KIND bar I found at Target. It has only 4 ingredients: kale, spinach, pineapple, and banana. SO GOOD.


Lunch: Holding off on this one because TOMORROW I am posting a healthy lunch recipe you can make on Sunday and eat throughout the week!

Snack: Coffee and a unpicutured peach

I went on a long walk yesterday and when I got back I made a french press coffee and ate another peach.

Try not to be too jealous of all my freckles and paleness.

Dinner: My mom made lentils last night since Orthodox Christians are currently following the Dormition fast. (No meat, dairy, oil, fish, etc. except I am still eating eggs) So, you better believe I booked it over my parents house to eat dinner with them.

This was lentils over brown rice, sautéed onions, balsamic vinegar added in, a side salad with my mom’s fresh tomatoes, and some homemade bread. Basically, this meal was epic.


And after dinner Barrett came over to enjoy some lentils too.

AND I GOT TO SEE DANICA’S TAT, she’s so cool.


Dessert: At 10:30 Cassie knocked on my bedroom door with a giant spoonful of homemade Butterfinger ice cream that her and Will had made. So I went back and had a cup of that for dessert.

Have a great day ❤