Wonderful Weekend {Recap}

Happy Monday!


After a super sweaty crossfit workout this morning, I came home to a green smoothie, coffee, and some quiet time.

This weekend was seriously the best and I hope yours was too! Let’s rewind to last Thursday to start off this recap.

I invited Barrett over for a fun date where I cooked up some chickpea, quinoa, and turmeric curry from the Deliciously Ella cookbook.

I then whipped up some sort of avocado brownies from her book as well. I wouldn’t go as far to say they tasted like brownies though. They were more like a dense pudding. That sounds gross, I know, but it wasn’t too bad.


Friday I took my last test for my last summer class. Yay for passing again! I will take any grade that boosts my GPA. I went to work for a little bit then picked up this sweet girl for a girls night!

Danica also found my dream water bottle at TJ Maxx.


That thing was like a gallon. Dreams do come true.

After we did some shopping, we headed back to my house to meet Cassie. She gave up her Friday night to hang out with my sister and I, shes the best.


We picked up some throwback movies (Shes The Man and First Daughter) and some pizza!


The rest of the night was spent eating Fudge Brownie gelato, having a dance party, and then promptly passing out at midnight. (That is super late for me haha)

Saturday morning was supposed to start bright and early with a bike ride but as soon as my alarm clock went off, I rolled over for another 2 hours of sleep. When I finally got up, Danica and I headed to Panera.


Clearly she was thrilled.

We each had the spinach, egg white, avocado sandwich on a sprouted bagel and I had 2 large cups of coffee. I love Saturday mornings.

After breakfast, we headed to a free clothing drive our Church was putting on. (Thank you to everyone who donated clothes!!) There were several refugee families who stopped by and they were sooooo grateful to have some clothes to wear. Many of these families come over to the US with absolutely NOTHING. So, if you have any clothes/furniture/dishes/etc. that you do not need anymore please contact me or the local international center. Don’t give your stuff to Goodwill folks, Goodwill charges money and many times these families cannot afford that.

Okay, rant over. But seriously, contact me!

The rest of Saturday was spent being extra lazy and watching the Vampire Diaries, no shame.

Saturday night Barrett and I started the first episode of House of Cards. I know we are a little late seeing it and we both really aren’t sure how we feel about it yet.

Sunday we did the Chuch thing and Barrett and I semi-coordinated outfits so I made him take a picture with me. This is the best we could do:


I’ll take it.

He also got to show off his new car to my brother:


Noah wasn’t as excited as Barrett was.


Sunday also consisted of more Panera, but who’s complaining? I got a green smoothie and a whole grain bagel. Oh, and heavenly french press coffee on the side.

After being lazy again and watching Friends on Netflix, Barrett and I headed to see the new Jason Bourne movie. It was AWESOME.

After the movie we headed back to my parents because they had just gotten home from Las Vegas. (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ❤ )

And after seeing those two and saying goodbye to Barrett, I crashed into bed and thought about how wonderful my weekend was.

Cheesy? Yes, but that’s okay.

Have a great day!