Random Meals, Lunch Time Walks, & Reading More!

Happy Wednesday pretty people!! I hope you all are enjoying the weather and taking in all the holiday-wonderfulness. This is my favorite time of year for sure! I love that it gets darker earlier, the weather is cold, and coffee seems like the acceptable drink at any hour of the day.

Lately my life has slowed down and it’s been pure bliss. I am reading more, working out more, and smiling more for sure! I have a wonderful new job that deals nothing with COVID and for that, I am soooo THANKFUL!

I have also been using my lunch hour to walk 3-4 miles each day. It breaks up the day nicely and its the perfect excuse to just be with myself and listen to a podcast. I seriously look forward to my lunch time walk every day!

Here is a bunch of random things I have been eating/loving! I have been eating a lot of sweet potatoes, chicken, quinoa, broccoli, and breakfast sandwiches. I also can’t get enough of protein waffles!! I have been having those or oatmeal for breakfast or I eat a breakfast sandwich!

My boyfriend says I seem MUCH happier with my new job! I think you can tell just by my face!! LOL

My favorite coffee drink lately is 1/2 scoop protein powder blended with a splash of non-dairy milk with coffee and whipped cream! If you follow Claire P. Thomas on Instagram, it’s the coffee she makes everyday. It is seriously addicting and helps me hit my protein goal for the day.

Here is a random oatmeal picture because I think oatmeal sure is beautiful 🙂

I made us turkey burgers the other night and they were WONDERFUL! I need to recreate the recipe because they turned out super moist and perfect! Of course I added a ton of mustard because I LOVE mustard. I have also been on a cottage cheese kick again. I added in an apple and cinnamon to the picture below – SO GOOD.

We enjoyed our turkey burgers with a side of sweet potato fries!!

We have also been loving Safe+Fair brownies! They are SO GOOD. Don’t worry, I added more whipped cream after that picture below LOL.

On Saturday it was my sweet Owen boy’s birthday!! How is he 3 years old?! Time flies!! He is still getting used to being a big brother to Oslo 🙂

Most of my nights have been ending with hot chocolate as well! I just love drinking hot chocolate next to the Christmas lights!

LOOK AT THAT WAFFLE PERFECTION! It is just protein powder and protein waffle mix! I always add espresso chocolate chips, syrup, and peanut butter. This keeps me full until lunch!

Monday night we celebrated a BIG WIN!! He finished nursing school!!! Congrats my love!! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!! We celebrated with steak and all the veggies!! We ended the night with brownies, gingerbread houses, and Yellowstone. You have to watch Yellowstone if you haven’t yet!!

We also discovered we are quite terrible at gingerbread house making. Someone on Instagram suggested I add some dinosaurs to the display to make it look like it was horrible on purpose LOL.

Andddd here is a random picture of me yesterday after my workout. I hope you all have the best day and the best week!! I think you all are truly spectacular.