Since we last talked…

Happy Tuesday! I am sitting here (Monday night!) cozied up with Owen at my feet and Full House playing. I also have my diffuser going and my twinkly lights on so my room feels like the epitome of cozy!!!

Lettuce rewind all the way back to Thursday! I started the morning with some quiet time with Jesus and my capsules that contain of 40 fruits & veggies 🙂


So I usually wake up and have a cup of coffee first thing while I do my quiet time and then an hour later I will start to make breakfast. On this day I had one mini paleo pancake (Birch Blenders mix) with a piece of bacon, half a banana, PB, and makes syrup. Oh goodness this combo was GOOD!


When I got home from work Wednesday I saw that my NEW RUNNING SHOES came in! I am a huge Brooks Pureflow 7 fans – it’s like running on a cloud! So obviously I had to go on a run Thursday morning!


After my run I had a quick chocolate protein smoothie for lunch.


Around 4 I headed to Louisville! I had to be at my internship site on Friday so I made plans to have dinner with my sweet friend Natalie Thursday night. The drive to Louisville was AWFUL! There was a terrible wreck so I was rerouted to the country backroads and it was a scary drive.

The scary drive was made up for by the amazing dinner! We went to Ramsi’s Cafe on The World! As we were sitting there deciding what to order, a gentleman came up to us (not our waiter) and asked if we needed anything. I asked him if he had any recommendations because everything looked amazing. He started rambling off a few dishes before disappearing – well, he came back with a plate full of fried brie, apples in honey, and crackers. OHMYGOSH so good!! Next thing we know he is bringing out a plate of tortellini in a creamy pesto sauce with broccoli and shrimp. You guys he turned out to be the owner and gave us all this free food!! So sweet!!!!!! Showing kindness to someone goes a long way, you never know who they could be. 🙂


Friday morning I was up bright and early to get to my internship site for biometric screenings. After the screenings, I headed to the office and spent the day shadowing my internship supervisor. She took me to a restaurant called Tea Garden in Norton Commons for lunch and it was WONDERFUL! It was the freshest Chinese food I have ever had. It wasn’t smothered in soy sauce or other sauces – you got to add your own low-sodium soy sauce.

Around 2 I got ready to head back to Bowling Green but not before stopping at Fix Coffeehouse for an almond milk latte.


I was so exhausted when I got home. It rained the whole way home and it was very hard to see on the interstate.

Once I got home I immedietly put on my Pjs! Almost 23 & I happily spend my Friday nights curled up in my sweats, watching Full House, eating a plate of brussel sprouts I used to feel bad that I didn’t like going out on the weekends, but I’m done apologizing for something I’ll never be. I’ll just keep telling myself that Prince Charming is somewhere out there, also eating a plate of brussel sprouts, & we just haven’t found each other yet


Saturday morning I got ready to head to Glasgow to spend the day learning and growing in my business.

My mentor made this lunch for everyone and it was incredibly good!


When I got home around 3:30 I took Owen on a walk around the neighborhood!


My heart was so full – I spent the day getting to listen to some of the top people in this company & I couldn’t help but cry several times. This product is so important, this mission is so important – we all need more fruits & vegetables, ALL OF US. Today was just another reminder that God has me exactly where I need to be & how freakin cool is that He has me surrounded by like-minded, kind-hearted, healthy & healing individuals? Forever grateful for my JP+ fam. ❤️ and the best part? This business is for EVERYONE. You don’t have to be an expert, you just have to love people.

P.S. look at this view…how AWESOME is God?!?!


Sunday involved church and I don’t remember much else 🙂

Monday began Shred Day 1!!! So it’s smoothie central over here for the next 10 days – good thing the JP+ complete shakes are packed with 8 g of fiber, 13 g of minimally processed, water washed soy, & over 15 SUPERFOODS! 🎉The best part? It tastes like a milkshake! The one I’m drinking is: 1 drop peppermint oil, 1 scoop chocolate complete, 1 T cacao powder, ice, & almond milk! Just like a chocolate peppermint milkshake!

I hate leaving this guy when I have to go to work…


When I got home from work around lunch I hung up my new sign 🙂 My favorite word is kindness if you couldn’t tell!


My lunch shake was Cherry Vanilla Almond: 1 scoop Vanilla Complete protein, 1 T almond butter, a few frozen dark cherries, cinnamon, ice, almond milk – blend!


I also got to work on some meal prepping for the week! One of the easiest ways to eat healthy is to meal prep your food ahead of time – but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Roasting vegetables is one of my favorite ways to eat them! It’s quick & simple. Today I prepared roasted cinnamon sweet potatoes, carrots.l, broccoli, & chick peas. This will be an easy addition to tuna, chicken, or one of my veggie burgers! The only hard part is not eating them all off the pan when they are done.


After nannying for a few hours I came home to enjoy some of the vegetables I prepared with a Dr. Praegers veggie burger!


My roommate and I exchanged belated Christmas gifts and how cute is this?!?!?! She knows me so well 🙂

It’s Owen on a coffee mug!!! ❤ My favorite things!


Well, that’s all I got! I hope you have the best week ever! Next time I post I will probably be one year older 🙂