2019 Goals – Lettuce get to it!


Happy New Year!!!!!! How is it already 2019?! This is going to be a big year for me! I FINALLY graduate, I head to Italy in June, and I hopefully start a big girl job….oh goodness, so much to look forward to!

So, my sister is super into horoscopes/astrology and she recently told me that as a Capricorn the best phrase that describes me when I wake up each morning is:

“Better get to it!”

Haha! This is SOOOO TRUE! I wake up each day ready to follow my routine and check things off my list. I hate sleeping in! I am always so excited to get my coffee, spend time with Jesus, walk or run with Owen, and get ready for the day!


I wanted to talk about some of my 2019 goals and I think the phrase above describes them all so well – so, lettuce get to it!

Cultivate KINDNESS

Kindness is my word for 2019! I hope to cultivate kindness in every action I take. I really do believe kindness unlocks the door to love, patience, confidence, classiness, gratitude, and so on ❤

Create a content schedule for the blog – & stick to it!

I am so tired of only writing recap posts because I don’t take the time to actually lay out content! Taking the blog more seriously in 2019 🙂

Attend Church more

My Church holds services on Wednesday and Saturday nights along with Sunday mornings. I am good about going Sunday morning but I need to make Wednesday and Saturday a bigger priority!

Learn to say NO

I have a bad habit of saying YES to everyone because I never want to let people down. When I say yes to everyone, I am setting my own goals and happiness aside to do something I don’t want to do – I need to make sure I am HAPPY before I can help others. When I say yes to something I don’t want to do, I end up grumpy and have a little hostility towards the person I said yes to.

Spend more time on my business

I am apart of a company that provide whole, vine-ripened fruits and vegetables to people and I LOVE IT! But I need to spend more time helping others and less time working at jobs that I don’t enjoy that much.

Stop unnecessary spending

Oh goodness, I can’t tell you how many times I buy coffee, glutenfree/dairyfree/sugarfree/soyfree cookies, sweaters at Target, and well, you get the point. I need to stop!!

Run a half-marathon

I used to run half-marathons pretty regularly but it’s been about 2 years now. I am ready for a new one!

Stop worrying about the future

Giving it all to God in 2019 because I can’t control the future so what’s the point in worrying about it?

Embrace who you are

and I will stop apologizing for it too 🙂

Jump out of your comfort zone more

Ohhhh this is a big one! My introverted side needs to branch out in 2019. When we jump out of our comfort zones – that’s where the magic happens! Someone very dear to me told me that once and I am embracing that more in 2019.

Practice patience

Ah, yes. Patience. A virtue I don’t possess but will practice each day until its second nature. ❤

…keep adding goals 🙂

Because I am ever-changing and ever-evolving.

2019 I am soooo ready for you!!!!