weekly recap: laptop loss, final projects, & long dog walks

I am so sorry this post is 2 days later than usual! My laptop kindly decided to die this week. I’ve had it since 2011, so it had a good run. I took the plunge and decided to buy a new Macbook today and I am low-key most definitely entirely freaking out. Does anyone else get massive anxiety about paying off their credit card? Like, as soon as a payment hits my card I stress until it’s been paid off! Haha! Until my new one gets in, my mom is graciously letting me use her laptop. So lettuce get started on this recap…

Back to last Thursday… I had a sore throat all last week so smoothies sounded good like 99& of the time. I stopped by Panera for a strawberry/banana smoothie at Panera and a hunk of bread. Actually, I asked for one hunk of bread but the girl who took my order said my throat sounded so bad she would give me two. God bless Panera.


I also picked up some ingredients for my trail mix post (click HERE) and found some fun new items at Meijer!

After working on some homework at home, I headed to a Parish Council meeting at my church. I went to bed soon exhausted!!

On Friday morning I did a tough workout and inhaled some eggs and protein shake afterwards. Again, this protein shake felt SO GOOD on my throat.


After running a few errands for work, my mom and I had lunch at Corner Bakery. We split one of their club’s. I wasn’t that hungry because of my stupid sore throat so this hit the spot.


Later that evening my mom and I took Owen for a walk at a local park! I am trying to socialize him as much as possible. Look at that cute little kissy face!! He is the most photogenic haha



I also made my trail mix and posted it! I hope you try it because it is incredibly tasty, easy to make, and can pack well anywhere.


For dinner that night I had chickpea pesto pasta and some roasted vegetables while watching Royal Pains… and went to bed early because I’m a 22 year old grandma.


Saturday morning started bright and early at the Farmer’s Market. My sweetest sister brought me an almond milk latte. She also brought me a granola bar but I saved that for later!


When I got home from the market my new napkins came in! I get way too excited about dish towels to put in my food pictures.


I hadn’t eaten much that day so this was an early dinner. I basically threw all the leftovers from the fridge in a pan and put it over arugula. I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach because I could only eat half of this. So…the leftovers I was eating became more leftovers. I spent the rest of the evening working on homework and studying.


Sunday morning I skipped on church (I know, #sinner) but I had a HUGE project to work on. I made a big oatmeal breakfast and got started.


After 4 hours and 10 pages, I made lunch! Vegetables, turkey bacon, eggs, and a bagel thin. So tasty and so easy to make!


I took 4 dog walks throughout the day since I was going to be looking at the computer screen and sitting so much. I think Owen and I walked 5 miles from our walks!


Love this sweet boy so much! He brings me so much happiness!


A few hours later I snacked on vegetables, hummus, and drank this kombucha.


Once I finally finished my paper and powerpoint I took a break and went on a walk with my friend Hannah.

Also…the cutest, kind, most humble heart gave me this sweet gift on Sunday. Katie, you have a heart of GOLD! I was eyeing this book at church and ironically Katie got it for me!! She also gave me this ADORABLE apron that she MADE. I just love her. And I collect aprons so this gift was the best!


Sunday night we also cooked up pork chops and ate dinner as a family!

I went to bed early and mentally prepared myself for the week ahead.


Monday morning started bright an early with a tough workout and this AMAZING breakfast. I went to work in the morning and then spent the rest of the afternoon perfecting my final project and studying for a microbiology test.


Around lunch time I made this amazing summer-inspired salad and I will post the recipe soon! So delicious!


Around 4 I had a quick snack of yogurt, strawberries, and some chocolate granola.


I took a break from homework and studying and made this pesto salmon from our Blue Apron order!


Also, thank you to everyone who recommended different workout leggings to me. I tried out the Fabletics since they have that “Buy 2 for $24” deal and I love them so far! I have a bigger booty and thighs so I am pretty picky when it comes to workout leggings. I need leggings that stay in place and do not show my underwear. So far, these have past the test! Next I am trying Lululemon!










Also, I think I had this for lunch Tuesday…but I honestly can’t remember. Tuna, roasted vegetables, and arugula. Quick, easy, and filling.


And I think I will end this recap with my new favorite thing: 48 oz of Kombucha happiness.


Have the best week friends!! Hopefully my next recap will be typed on my new computer!