My birthday was absolutley wonderful. Want to know a secret? I have always hated my birthday. I have all these expectations and I am always let down for my own personal reasons. I can’t remember a birthday where I didn’t stress about the cake, the food, or how I looked in pictures.


But this year was different.


So different. And so sweet.


This birthday was all about me spending time with my family and I coulnd’t have been more thrilled. I was starting to panic at breakfast a little because I thought I looked “big” in all the pictures my dad was taking of me. But then, I read my dad’s birthday card to me. He said that my birthday was so special to him and my mom because it was the day they became parents.


I had never thought about it that way before. I always stress the heck out about my birthday when I should be celebrating the fact that January 10th was the day my parents got to BE parents.



My whole mood shifted and I couldn’t have been happier. This birthday was the best one yet.

And now…I am looking forward to my birthday weekend with Barrett! ❤