highlights from my weekend



I can’t wait. Can you tell? 22, I’m coming for ya! 21 was a wonderful year filled with exciting adventures and bumps in the road and I loved every minute of it. Growing up is so fun to me. I have always been one to day dream about what the future holds and I have never been very good at being in the moment!

My goal for my 22nd year on this earth is to be more present in life and to thank God for each opportunity He throws my way, big or small.

Things were pretty low-key around here this weekend, just the way I like them.

I ordered a new water bottle for myself from a gift card I got for Christmas (Thanks Uncle Gary and Aunt Nury!) I ordered a 40 oz. Hydro Flask and I love it. It took some getting used to because it is heavier than my Nalgene was but I love being able to get more water in during the day. I try to stick between getting 1 – 2 gallons a day!


I worked at my first job Friday morning and then around noon I headed to Zest! Juice to hang out for a while! I picked up a cup of Panera turkey chili for lunch on the way over.



I got hungry around 3:30 so I dug into a kale salad from Zest! and it was SO GOOD! It had a spicy curry kick that I loved.



Friday evening ended with a Church service for Theophany (a celebration in the Orthodox Church for the Baptism of Jesus!) and pizza with Barrett, my mom, and my sister. I promptly passed out at 9:30.

Saturday morning was another liturgy for Theophany and the blessing of the waters. I had to leave straight after communion though because I had a hair appointment. I picked up a coffee and a Starbucks breakfast sandwich around noon since I hadn’t eaten anything that morning. I loved this sandwich! It was the turkey bacon, cheddar, and egg one! For the coffee, I ordered a grande dark roast with a splash of almond milk. Ah, love.


After my hair appointment Barrett picked me up so we could hang out with his family. We walked around his parent’s farm petting the horses and I told him I want us to live on a bunch of land so we can ride our horses around and pack picnics to eat. …I told you I like to dream about the future. We also all made dinner together and played a board game.

I was getting pretty sleepy so around 10:30 Barrett brought me home and we dug into a bowl of peanut butter chocolate cheerios (straight deliciousness) with almond milk before I passed out asleep! I can’t stay awake these days to save my life.

Sunday morning I booked it to church to teach Sunday school. I wasn’t in the mood to stick around for coffee hour so I headed home to enjoy a few cups of coffee and the below breakfast sandwich. Breakfast sandwiches are quickly becoming a favorite of mine.


For the sandwich:

-1 gluten free sprouted O’Doughs everything bagel thin

-2 organic turkey sasauges

-1 small handful of spinach

-1 tsp ghee

-1 egg

-salt and pepper

-1 T parmasean cheese

toast the bagel. smear with 1 tsp ghee. cook the sausage on a skillet. add one egg. add in salt and pepper. add in spinach. add everything to the bagel thin. top with cheese! easy peazy.


My brother also came over and he played around with my camera while I cooked him a breakfast sandwich (lol no surprise there)


Look at those dirty fingers and fingernails! He had just finished changing some truck tires.

After several rounds of cards with my parents, a walk with my mom and sister, and some errands, we all dug into a delicious turkey and vegetable soup that my mom made!



My night ended with a handful of pb chocolate cheerios and several episodes of Royal Pains.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Enjoy today!