Easy Taco Salad

Good morning! I have a recipe for you today, which is exciting!

This taco salad can be made on Sunday and eaten throughout the week. It is quick, easy, simple, and so good for you!

First of all, let me start by saying I am NOT a food photographer. Heck, I’m not even a photographer. So, I only have one picture for you and it is not the prettiest, but who cares? We’re here for the recipe right? Right.


What You Will Need:

(Serves 1 for the week or 2-4 at once)

  • 3 yellow squash
  • -1 green pepper
  • -1 red pepper
  • -1 cup cherry tomatoes
  • -1 cup diced mushrooms
  • -4 cups of spinach
  • -4 Wholly Guacamole Packets (or any guacamole you would like)
  • -1 jar of your favorite salsa
  • -1 can of black beans (drained and rinsed)
  • Nutritional Yeast or Mexican Style Cheese
  • -Garlic Powder
  • -Zesty Herb Blend or Taco Seasoning
  • Optional: Hot Sauce

I got all my produce at the farmers market on Saturday and on Sunday I wanted to make a dish that would use all of it at once, so the taco concoction was born.


  1. Start by dicing up all your produce (except the tomatoes)
  2.  Add squash, peppers, and mushrooms to a greased skillet
  3. Cook until the veggies are the preference you like
  4. Add in the cherry tomatoes
  5. Add in the black beans
  6. Sprinkle garlic powder/zesty herb blend over the bean/veggie concoction
  7. Add in 1/4 cup of salsa
  8. Keep stirring for about 10 minutes

*If you are making this for lunch throughout the week:

  1. Divide 1 cup of spinach into 4 containers
  2. Separate the bean/veggie mixture over the spinach
  3. Top with nutritional yeast or cheese and hot sauce
  4. Keep a pack of guacamole and salsa on top of the taco salad lid in the fridge and add to the salad before eating
  5. I divided up 4 baggies of tortilla chips to eat with this at lunch. I also had a peach with my lunch!

*If you are making this for dinner:

  1. Divide up spinach onto plates
  2. Top with bean/veggie mixutre
  3. Top with guacamole, salsa, and cheese
  4. Serve with tortilla chips

P.S. I think this meal would be perfect with rice, I just didn’t think to make any with it at the time.

P.P.S You could also add some type of meat but I am fasting currently so this is a great vegetarian dish!