Weekly Recap: Blue Apron Meals, New Friends, and Bike Rides

Good morning and Happy Wednesday! I feel like the days have been running together so I actually had to check my phone to make sure today was in fact Wednesday. I have been staying busy between my internship, work, taking care of Owen, hanging out with new friends, and keeping up with my workouts. Although I feel like I have been running around like crazy, I love it that way. I NEED to stay busy or else my mind wanders and I start to feel sorry for myself. Does anyone else do that? When I am too alone in my thoughts I start picking apart little details and make up situations that don’t even exist.

Maybe I am just too dramatic?

Anyways… lettuce back track to where I left off last Wednesday! After working all day I came home to relax for a few minutes before helping my sister cook dinner. We made sweet potato fries and empanadas from Blue Apron. This was such an easy and tasty meal!

IMG_0959 2.jpg

Thursday morning I woke up early to take Owen for a long walk. He was HYPER. He is really into barking these days and spent most of the walk barking at everything he felt like. It was a really fun time for all… *insert eye roll*


After spending most of the day at work and doing errands, I really craved cooking a nice healthy dinner. I made a teriyaki salmon using fresh Alaskan Sockeye salmon with roasted broccoli and purple potatoes. Quick, healthy, and delicious.


Friday I spent the whole day at work and came home to watch Parks and Rec. Something happened to me on Thursday that I don’t want to talk about so I was feeling a little weird, a little sorry for myself, and a lot angry at this person who did something to me. I was home by myself so for dinner so I whipped up gluten-free chicken nuggets and some scrambled eggs…really classy. After dinner I headed to my sweetest friend Hannah’s house and she whipped us up some margaritas while we watched Sex and The City. This girls night definitely cheered me up. Love you Hannah!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early at 5 a.m. to drive back home and get ready for the Farmer’s Market. I showered, changed, brewed some coffee, and headed to Panera for my FAVORITE breakfast sandwich ever. Scrambled egg, bacon, cheese, and thick ciabatta. God bless carbs.

After working the market until 1, I came home to a chicken caesar salad my mom got for me. I enjoyed this while watching more Sex and The City! How have I never seen this show before? Some parts are a littleto raunchy for me so I usually fast forward but I love all the scenes with Carrie Bradshaw, she’s my favorite character.


After a few episode I lathered on the sunscreen, put Owen in my car, and headed to the park to walk with Shelby and her puppy Welly! It was helpful to talk to another girlfriend about what I have been going through lately.

And yes, I am aware I am so pale I glow.


After our walk I headed home to hang out with my family. We had roasted broccoli, BBQ pork, and rice. I love a good family night. I went to bed exhausted and looking forward to a new week.


I woke up Sunday bright and early for a 15 mile bike ride with my parents! I LOVE riding my bike but I am soooo slow. I don’t think I know how to properly change the gears while I am riding. Oh well, I’ll stick with it!

I was exhausted and slightly grumpy throughout teaching Sunday School and Church because I hadn’t had food or coffee since that bike ride. After church my family and I headed to Cracker Barrel (BLESS) for a late breakfast.


I inhaled roughly 6 cups of coffee. I love that they never let your cup go empty! I also had 2 eggs, 2 turkey sausage, and half of the yogurt parfait. I love that Cracker Barrel has healthier options!


After relaxing at home for a few hours I headed to the IGA to pick up some things to bring over to Shelby’s house for dinner. I also picked up some gummy bears because I had a craving for them. They did not disappoint!

Shelby and her boyfriend were so sweet to invite me over for Sangria, chocolate chip cookies, and a chicken/rice/salsa/guacamole dinner. Her boyfriend even made up a budget for me because I desperately need to get a handle on my finances. You guys are just the sweetest!


Monday morning I woke up, did and Alexia Clark workout at the gym, and enjoyed some farm fresh eggs from River Cottage Farm for breakfast!


I also had some chocolate protein oatmeal on the side!


I had a lot of work to catch up on Monday so after running a few errands, I needed a little pick-me-up. I had my new favorite coffee drink, (Cold foam Cascara cold brew) at Starbucks and a protein bar.


For dinner that night my mom and I made another Blue Apron meal. This was by far my favorite one! It was a mozzarella chicken with zucchini and ricotta, and a pesto toasted baguette. I am not a huge pasta fan so it was nice to have an Italian-inspired dinner sans pasta!


Tuesday morning started with 30 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the stair climber. I needed some cardio and boy was I drenched in sweat after this!

I came home a whipped up some Applegate Turkey Bacon, leftover roasted broccoli, and one egg. So delicious!



For lunch that day I had a spinach salad with tomatoes, tuna, sauerkraut, and chow mien noodles alongside some Simple Mills almond flour crackers.


After work I headed to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for Taco Tuesday! My plate included romaine lettuce, ground beef, tomatoes, salsa/avocado mix, a little cheese, and some blue corn chips.


This morning (Wednesday) began with another Alexia workout followed by a protein shake while I packed my lunch for the day. After taking a quick shower I loaded everything up and hopped on my bike to bike to work today!


I am currently a sticky, sweaty, smelly mess since my bike ride included 99% humidity so hopefully no customers mind.

And now, I am drinking my coffee and eating a Lara Bar that tastes like a No Bake Cookie while I type this post.


Alright, I’ve got a few other posts to work on but stay tuned for tomorrow! I am starting a new segment on the blog and you don’t want to miss it!