recap: thanksgiving, food, + long walks

Hi! It’s been a long time since we last talked. Did you have a good Thanksgiving? I definitely did.

I have so much to fill you in on! I hope you are ready for a long recap post. I have a lot of food, walks, and Thanksgiving to talk about. Let’s get started!

I’m not really sure to begin so lets just start with these granola bars:


I found a box of these Vega protein + snack bars at SAM’s club. I know you can also find them at CVS or Amazon. They are soooo tasty and filling. They are low sugar + low-calorie but are packed with real protein and a lot of vegetables.

I had family come into town on Monday so I spent some time with them and then I settled into some studying with popcorn + trail mix & tea.


I had A LOT to get done on Tuesday. I had two test to take, some homework, and a paper to finish up before the holiday break on Wednesday. I had to work in the morning but when I got to campus I spent most of my time studying for the tests. My sweet mother brought me an almond milk latte to drink while I was studying. She’s the best!


Wednesday was all about baking and cooking! My mom and I woke up early and made a trip to the grocery store. We spent the morning baking and cleaning. A couple of hours after we went to the grocery store, I made some eggs and quick oatmeal. For the eggs I used 1 egg, 2 egg whites and for the oatmeal I did 1/2 cup quick oats, 1 cup almond milk, pinch of salt, cinnamon, and vanilla – microwave 1 minute, add 2 TBSP Pb2 – microwave 1 more minute.


We also fit in a quick workout with my sister in the afternoon. I made the BEST pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. I used a pre-made pie crust though…because I suck at pie crusts and ain’t nobody got time for that…


Thursday morning I woke up bright and early to make mashed sweet potatoes and put together all the things we needed to take to Louisville for the day. I enjoyed a small cup of vanilla greek yogurt with some cinnamon granola and a pecan almond flour cookie.


Danica also wanted to take pictures…she is basically a model.



Thanksgiving day was super fun and filled with wonderful food. It was nice getting to spend my favorite holiday with Barrett and introducing him to some of my family he had never met before. I ended up making mashed sweet potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts with bacon & apples, a salad, and pumpkin pie for my family. My sweet Aunt put together a beautiful table and my little cousin made little gifts for everyone at their seats.





Friday was all about spending as much time with Barrett as I possibly could. I HATE black friday but we braved the crowds around 1 pm. Luckily, there really wasn’t a ton of people out and about. We went to Barnes & Noble and a few others stores looking for gifts. I snacked on a KIND bar and then a couple of hours later Barrett took me on a late lunch date to Griffs.



There salads are HUGE so I ate half and gave the rest to Barrett.

Barrett dropped me back off at home after our late lunch so he could go hang out with his parents and I could have a sister night with Danica. First, we took Annie on a walk around the neighborhood.




After our walk, we spent the rest of the evening watching movie after movie on the couch! I fell asleep around 10, it was wonderful.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to go on a walk with my mom and head to the grocery store. We picked up some coffee to enjoy after our walk! Christmas blend with almond milk for me ❤


When we got back I made another batch of brussels sprouts, bacon, and apples and got ready to spend the rest of the day with Barrett’s family for their Thanksgiving. No shame..I wore the same thing I wore on Thursday on Saturday. It’s all about the comfort for me!


Barrett brought me back home around 8 and I promptly passed out around 9. I was so exhausted!

I woke up early again on Sunday to bake some muffins for church and bring out the Christmas decorations! After church, I ran some errands with my family and then made some coffee. My parents and I started putting up the Christmas decorations. My mom and I ran some errands later in the evening to pick up extra lights and ornaments.


I ended the night with a big salad and Christmas movies with my family! I am not looking forward to going back to reality tomorrow. Two more weeks of school and then I am a free woman until the end of January!


Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Have the best day! 🙂