long recap post: Louisville, food, + more! (part 1)

It’s been a while! The only excuse I have is that I have just been extra lazy. I spent Thursday through Sunday in Louisville and then I had a 6 am meeting at work on Monday… so the blog was neglected. But, I’m back and I have so much to tell you!




Just a little warning, this post will be long. I hope you stay and read!!

Ok, today is Wednesday…hopefully I can remember everything. Let’s back up to last Thursday. I left for Louisville around 9:15 and everything was going smoothly until I hit Elizabethtown. There is a ton of construction going on up there and about 5 minutes outside of Elizabethtown, my tire pressure light came on. I called my dad (freaking out) and he told me to pull into the next gas station. I pulled into a Pilot at the Lebanon Junction and the second I got out of my car I immediately knew which tire it was because I could hear the air gushing out of it. I started freaking out more at this point because I had no clue how to put on my spare tire. I called my dad again and he said to look around for a service station anywhere. THANK GOODNESS there was a semi-truck repair station located behind the Pilot. When I pulled up I immediately started crying… sobbing! I have no idea why. I am a bit dramatic maybe? I was just overwhelmed that this was happening, that I didn’t know anyone, etc. So, I’m sobbing. And when I get out of my car I can’t even explain to the guy working there what’s wrong because I am crying so hard, so I just keep pointing to my back tire and until he finally understands what I am pointing at. The older woman at the counter kept saying, “Calm down, honey. Calm down. Here’s some water.” 10 minutes later, they fixed my tire and didn’t even charge me because I was crying so hard. Luckily I keep extra cash on me for emergencies so I was able to give them a tip for dealing with how crazy I am.


Whew. Are you still reading? Ok, good. Because it gets worst.

So, I’m on my merry way now, driving 55 on the interstate to Louisville. People are honking, people are pissed at me but what can I do? I don’t want to mess up my spare tire! And at this moment, ladies and gentlemen, mother nature decides this is the PERFECT time for me to start my period. Ok, so now I don’t want to drive over 55, I can’t stop because I need to get to my cousin’s house by 1 and I started my period. Great.

Still reading now? Ok, ok.

By the time I get to their house, I take care of my situation and immediately make some lunch (Bless my Aunt for letting me eat her paleo meals) and calm down. I was completely frazzled and felt out of sorts. It didn’t help that I was bloated the size of 9 month pregnant person because of my period. (Alright, I promise not to mention my period anymore!)


Skip a few hours and it’s time for me to take Lydia to Cross Country. As I am descending the staircase at their house, my sock slips a little and I fall immediately to my backside and slide all the way down the stairs. I start crying and all 3 dogs run over and start licking me and Trent and Lydia are just staring at me probably thinking “this chick is crazy, why the heck is she in charge of us?” Now, a week later, there is still a bruise the size of Jupiter on my butt.


I think that was the worst of my weekend. Are you still here? I don’t blame you if you left. Let’s get back to my weekend!

After Lydia’s XC practice, we headed toward the Fresh Market so I could pick up some dinner. I picked up a salad, some drinks, and chicken for the week.



I ate about half my salads, saved the rest for tomorrow, and dove into a cup of cookies and creme ice cream because it had been A LONG DAY.


Around 9:30, I told the kids it was time for bed and I took a long, hot shower before crashing into bed my self.

The next morning, I decided the day was going to be much better! The bloating in my stomach had subsided so I was able to walk instead of waddle, which was a perk!


After breakfast, I took Lydia to hunt down a place that could fix my tire on my car. My mom suggested a place about 2 miles from my Aunt’s house and it worked out perfectly! They said they could get a new tire in for me that afternoon and I would be good to go! (Also, shout out to my dad for calling the place and getting everything handled!) After that, I picked up some donuts for the kids and we were on our way!

When we got back to home, Trent was starting to wake up (don’t worry, my older cousin was at home with Trent!) so I decided we should get out of the house and go to the park!




We played at the park for about an hour before calling it quits. We spent most of the day Friday just hanging out at their house. For lunch, I had some grilled chicken with mustard and some carrots.


Around 3 my tire was in so I took the kids with me to get it put on my car. The whole thing took like 5 minutes, it was awesome!

When I got back to their house, I heated up a tumeric latte.


When we got back home, the kids decided to swim for a while because the weather was beautiful!





I made them a chicken pot pie while I had one more of my Aunt’s paleo meals.


We ended the night with Cheaper By the Dozen and some more ice cream.

I think that’s enough for today. Hopefully you’ll stop by tomorrow for part  2!