Happy Birthday Lettuce Attend!


Today Lettuce Attend turns one!! Never, ever did I think this blog would provide me with so many opportunities and so much support. I could easily be talking to myself most of the time but it makes me so happy when people tell me they have read my blog or have tried a recipe.

I am forever grateful for what this blog has given me and I am excited to see where it takes me.

Thank YOU for being here. ❤


While I am here, I thought I would do a little update for you. I am recovered from being sick again. First mono and then some weird virus that resembled the flu. I didn’t post on here or Instagram mostly because the thought of any food made me want to puke. Now I am recovered and day dreaming of all thing peanut butter again so I will be posting some new things soon! I have a granola recipe I think you will really like!

This week is crazy stressful with a lot of tests, quizzes, and working on some other things. But I am taking one day at a time! I worked on a photojournalism project the other day with Barrett and I have to show you this picture:


How cute are they? I love it.

Enjoy today friends!