Hiiiiii 🙂 How are you? I have been MIA lately and it’s been pretty nice. I have been reading more, working a stress-free job, exercising a lot, eating good food, and watching some really good TV shows with my best friend! I will try to be better about posting! For now, please enjoy this little birthday recap from the past weekend. I said goodbye to 24 and hello to 25 with my favorite people yesterday. The birthday weekend started Friday night with nachos, my favorite candy, and a Designated Survivor marathon!

Saturday I woke up early, did my devotional, read a few chapters in my book, and then got ready to spend the afternoon with my favorite guy! We ate a late lunch at Pub and then spent the afternoon walking around Target, getting food supplies for my birthday, and then hanging out with my family. I ended up not feeling too well so I went to bed early in hopes of feeling much better on my birthday!

I woke up on Sunday feeling SO MUCH BETTER and when I came downstairs my sister had completely decorated the kitchen for my birthday!!! She is so sweet! She decorated it in my favorite things: pink, greenery, and flowers! It was such a sweet surprise 🙂

Since I am basically Monica on Friends…I wanted to cook for everyone on my birthday LOL. I made mini banana bread muffins, bacon, sausage, and a 3-Cheese Quiche from the Magnolia Table cookbook (so darn tasty!).

My favorite guy even brought over mini-cinnamon rolls from Q Coffee. These are my FAVORITE!

We enjoyed peach and orange mimosas too 🙂

I had a full belly and happy heart by the time we finished!

After breakfast, we let our food settle and then my family and I did a Birthday workout while my sister and boyfriend went shopping! We did a 25 minute workout with 25 reps of my favorite exercises! It was so fun!!

After the workout, I showered and got ready while my mom made me pretzels and cheese dip…the whole day was planned around my favorite foods…as all birthdays should be!!

While eating pretzels we watched Pitch Perfect before my boyfriend and I left to let his dogs out to run for a while. When we got back I wasn’t in the best of moods. I don’t know why but every year on my birthday… I will cry. I don’t know if it’s how overwhelming the day is or what but I always cry. I struggle with being a perfectionist and wanting everything to be exactly how I want it. I know it can seem like I have a picture-perfect life on this blog, but that is not the case. I know how incredibly blessed I am and I do feel so loved and fortunate. But mental illness is a real deal and sometimes I can’t explain why I feel anxious or why I need to cry. Luckily I was blessed with a family who loves me no matter what and with an incredibly patient boyfriend. I hope you don’t ever think I “have it all together” because I definitely don’t. I always want to be transparent on this blog!

After I snapped back into reality, we were all able to enjoy delicious filets (cooked by my favorite steak-Chef!), sweet potatoes, and salad!

I couldn’t forget to snap a picture with my favorite little guy!! I love him to pieces!

I opened gifts and then we enjoyed brownie pie (because I hate birthday cake!) with Bruster’s mint chip & graham central station ice cream (with lots of whipped cream!) Overall, it was a WONDERFUL birthday besides the moments when my anxiety kicked in. Thank you to my family and my boyfriend for making the day feel so special!! I love you guys. And thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!!