Weekend Recap and A Lite Lunch

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How was your weekend? Mine was exhausting. Like, “not ever really sure how I made it to Monday exhausting”. This weekend my mom and I (because she’s my bff) did the Run The Bluegrass half marathon, which should be properly titled “Run Up and Down Hills for 13.1 Miles”…but that would probably be too long of a title and they probably wouldn’t want to scare anyone away. I barely made it and I am talking BARELY. This race was like running up Hospital Hill for 13 miles straight. (This race is however properly named America’s Prettiest Race. I agree.)

The first two miles went nice and easy, nothing too crazy happened. Except why the heck do people stop and walk within the first mile? Don’t sign up for Wave 3 if you really need to be in Wave 7. Ok? Ok.

After the first two miles, everything went downhill. (If only I meant literally) I think I threw-up 5 times and I know for sure I made my way to each and every Porto-Pot on the course. (TMI…sorry) It was honestly one of the most miserable experiences of my life. And for some reason this one old guy was keeping the same pace as me and blasting Bluegrass banjo music the whole time. Dude, they make headphones for a reason! I may or may have not said some nasty things to him. But hey, I was practically dying out on this course.

When I was at 12.96 I started crying. Like, “I can’t believe I made it crying”. The second I crossed that finish line I grabbed some chocolate milk (which oddly sounded good at the time) and saw my super-speedy mom and kick-butt Jennifer B. waving to me on the other side of the gate. I was BEYOND glad it was over and I think I prayed to God 120080 times, thanking Him for carrying me through and for not letting me kill the banjo playing guy.

The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating my sweet (almost 5 years old) cousin on for her birthday. (I apologize to my family if I seemed super mean that day, I was exhausted)

Sunday was restful, as it should be. We drove home from Louisville and went straight to church. I made a bee-line towards Barrett since I hadn’t seen him all weekend. The rest of the day was spent watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (I cried more than I probably should have),  stressing about homework, getting some laundry done, and spending time with my AMAZING church family. Those people are incredible. I wish you all could just go to Holy Apostles Orthodox Mission and meet them.

Today’s Monday and since this post was insanely long, I will leave you with my lite lunch of the day:


(spring mix, tuna, roasted chickpeas, carrots, sunflower seeds, drizzle of lemon dressing, grapes, and a Lara Bar for later)

Thanks for reading ❤