oh, hello there.

Oh, heyyyyyyy. Did ya miss me? I missed you.


This past month has been a WHIRLWIND. Between managing school, work, a social life, and getting into a minor car accident – I feel like I’ve been running around like a crazy person. The good news is that I finally feel like I am getting the hang of everything I need to do and I am managing to get back to a routine. My type A personality thrives off routine in case you couldn’t tell. This post is going to be super random but it’s still a post none the less. I finally feel inspired enough to blog again.

I’ve been enjoying salads this past week featuring the weirdest ingredients but they taste delicious! The one below had: spinach, salami, a veggie burger, carrots, pickles, and honey mustard!


I’ve been spending my Saturday’s studying all day with my favorite study buddy! He looks less than thrilled but I promise he loves me.

I had the house to myself one night so I made a little cauliflower pizza for dinner. I used Trader Joe’s cauliflower pizza crust topped with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. Then I added tomatoes, spinach, mushroom, and a little parmesan cheese. It does’ t look too appetizing but it was delicious!


My Sunday’s have been well spent now that I am back to teaching my little Sunday school class. I had a few people ask about this dress on Instagram and I got it at Dillard’s. They don’t have it anymore but the brand is Chelsea & Violet!


Ugh. I can’t handle my love for him.

So Health-Ade kombucha is my FAVORITE. I found a bunch of crazy flavors at Aldi and i have been loving them! I usually drink half of one and then drink the rest the next day.


I got these little portioned containers and I have been loving them. I don’t have a problem enjoying the foods I want but I wanted to be a bit more mindful of my portion sizes. Here is the link: CLICK HERE.


I am back on my oatmeal kick! I LOVE oatmeal but sometimes I enjoy it way too much that I get burnout. I have been enjoying this recipe with variations for the past few weeks: 1/3 C oatmeal, 1/3 C water, 2/3 C almond milk, 5 drops stevia, cinnamon, crack of sea salt – cook on stove unit liquid is absorbed and then add in whatever you like!


I may have had WAY TOO much pizza and beer with my coworkers last Friday night so the next day I doubled up on my fruit/veggie capsules and ate a delicious low-carb breakfast. This breakfast was amazing! I am craving it right now: Arugula, 2 eggs, and lime/dill Alaskan salmon.

Another Saturday studying the day away with my partner in crime. 🙂


There is nothing quite like mornings with coffee and sweet Owen!


This picture was taken pre- having a terrible afternoon. I had a meeting at work where I may have snapped at a coworker…one of my weakness is snapping when I am feeling agitated and I definitely let me coworkers see my weakness that day. It was uber embarrassing but after apologizing I had to remind myself that I am HUMAN. I strive for perfection so often that I forget it’s OK when I mess up. If you are a people pleaser too, I hope you know it’s okay when you mess up sometimes.


At least I had a good lunch… Arugula, grass-fed pepperonis, spicy brown mustard, pickles, and a hard-boiled egg. So weird…so good.


My cutest, sweetest friend LB gave me this note after my not so great afternoon. 🙂 There is nothing quite like having amazing friends who love you at your best and your worst. 


Tuesday was much better and this salad was involved: baby lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, Tessemae’s avocado ranch, and chicken stuffed with guacamole, wrapped in bacon.


That’s all for now 🙂 Until next time…hopefully that will be soon rather than later.