Comfort meals, Thanksgiving round 1, & other random ramblings.

Well hello there lovely human!! So nice of you to stop by the blog today. I am feeling wonderful these days – it’s a dreary and rainy Sunday and I am blogging next to my parent’s crackling fire place with a fresh cup of coffee. I could not ask for anything better. This recap is kind of all over the place (what’s new?) since it has been a while 🙂 (also, look at those beautiful flowers my boyfriend surprised me with! Is he a gem or what?!)

I have been doing quite a few of Rachael Good Eats workouts again. I did those all summer long, fell out of the habit for a while, but I am back in it! If you haven’t done her workouts, they always leave you a sweaty mess and feeling super strong.

A few Sunday’s ago we had our usual Sunday steak night! He made a fabulous filet and I made poblano white mac n cheese and a side of garlicy broccoli.

I was back to another week of work!! How cute is this trench coat?! I felt like Nancy Drew walking around all day and I love it.

This post has a lot of random foods I have been eating! Pictured above is spicy cauliflower breaded chicken nuggets over garlic salad. And pictured below is tomato soup and a wonderful grilled cheese he made me! The perfect cold weather combo.

Ashley from Look Beneath the Surface inspired me to meal prep the other night. I made some banana and blueberry oatmeal to take to work the next day!

One night it was cold and rainy after my workout so we had meat and veggie tomato sauce over chickpea pasta and a few slice of bread. So warm and comforting!

I had to work a few Saturday’s ago and only Funky Bean coffee and chicken salad could power me through!

They have the absolute BEST chicken salad. They don’t skimp either! Plus, the butter from the toasted sourdough runs down your hand while you are eating…now that’s good stuff. It’s so big that I like to eat half and save the other half for the next day! A win, win.

I spent the rest of Saturday…November 14th…at my parents house. How cute is my sister’s dog Oslo?! Obsessed. Owen is so sweet to him too!

We enjoyed homemade chocolate chips cookies and then beer and deer bratwurst later for dinner!

My brother killed a buck so I have gotten to enjoy quite a few things he had processed!

This picture below is a biscuit, white cheddar cheese, deer bacon, and an egg!

It was back to work on Monday with my usual oatmeal. This time I had peanut butter and chocolate chips 🙂

Also, how sweet is my coworker!?! She brought me snacks all the way from INDIA in celebration of Diwali. So sweet! And the snacks were amazing! The food in other cultures fascinates me.

I was stressed and hangry Monday night so I made a quick salad and popped some pizza’s in the oven. This is the Quest Nutrition pepperoni pizza – it is my favorite “healthier” alternative. Y’all, let me brag on my guy again…I was in a VERY busy Kroger when I texted him I would probably just make us pizza for dinner…when I got to his place he had the oven already preheated!! I just love him. It’s those little things that mean the world to me… he also probably knows I am not happy when I am hungry and he probably wanted those pizza’s cooked as quickly as possible…LOL

Once night I made salmon, broccoli, and garlic parmesan risotto. It made the perfect leftovers to eat at work!

One night we headed to my parents house for chicken chili and it was incredible!!

How CUTE is Owen!!!!!! I love him.

Saturday…this past Saturday… was all about his side of the family’s Thanksgiving! I picked up a pumpkin pie to share and I am kicking myself for not just making one from scratch. This one failed in comparison to the homemade kind! However, the rest of the food we ate was INCREDIBLE. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – I absolutely love the food and spending time with people. I also loved getting to spend time with his family this year 🙂

And before we celebrated that day I made these easy waffles 🙂 You can find the recipe on my Instagram!

And just like that, we are all caught up folks! Hope you all are doing well!! Thanks for stopping by the blog today. We will catch up real soon!! I am spending the next few days in a treehouse and hiking before my family’s Thanksgiving! Have a great week.