Hot Cocoa, Day Dates, & Sunday Steak Dinners!

Happy Sunday!! I hope you have enjoyed the beautiful fall weather we are having if you live in Kentucky! I am currently snuggled up on the couch with Justified playing in the background. Have you all seen that show? It’s great! I am watching it for the second time and it’s even better this time around.

Let’s take things back to last Sunday…I woke up early to do a little homework and teach Sunday School online before making breakfast. I picked up some pumpkin bread from one of my favorite coffee shops in town and ate that alongside some eggs and bacon. We enjoyed this breakfast outside in the breezy air and sunshine.

Sunday evenings have become steak night! The last 3 Sundays have ended with filets, mac n cheese, veggies, or bread. He makes the most incredible steak! I cannot cook meat very well so I feel fortunate he knows how to handle that.

Fast forward to one day this past week where the weather was so perfect that I got to bike to work 🙂

I ended the evening at my parents house for dinner!

Look at this sweet boy! I love him more than anything. He is so handsome!!

I had been looking forward to Friday all week! We both planned to take the day off from work and spend some time together.

We drove up to Madisonville to pick up his truck…he was so excited and it was so fun for me to see him so excited! This truck belonged to his grandfather and it’s a 1981 Chevrolet Scottsdale.

It was incredible to see in person. We spent the day driving around, making our way to Owensboro.

We walked around downtown Madisonville a bit so I could see where he grew up. It’s a cute little town! We forgot masks so we decided to order the famous Ferrell’s burgers for lunch. After about 15 minutes I went to check on our order and he had ordered in to the wrong Ferrell’s!! HAHA. Who knew there was more than one? Once we finally got our food we walked back to the truck to eat on the bed.

Everything was incredible! It’s so crazy to me to think about eating the food in the above photo and enjoying it without any guilt or regret. When I had an eating disorder…I would have never done something like that. I probably would have had a lunch of baby carrots and tuna in my purse! I am so thankful for how I am now. There are definitely days I struggle with body image…but to be able to enjoy a greasy burger, fries, and Dr. Pepper with someone so special to me is WORTH IT. This was a moment I will never forget.

After we were full on burgers, we made our way to Owensboro. We took the backroads with the windows down and just enjoyed each others company. We had a few pit stops to make but we were eventually parked on the Riverwalk! We walked around downtown for a bit and picked up some coffee at Creme. His parents and niece/nephew showed up and we walked around with them for a little bit!

It was a gorgeous day! 🙂

Funny story…we were killing time all day to go to this Fall Festival event at Trunnell’s Farm Market. We waited in a long, cold line for a while and when we made our way to the front they told us they were sold out of tickets and we needed to buy tickets a long time ago…we still went into the event hoping to buy something from their market place…but that closed the second we walked up. Then we thought we might as well get some apple cider and apple cider donuts that were advertised…but they were sold out…it was the weirdest thing. We literally couldn’t do anything and we were both cold! I was like…can we just leave?! HAHA. We drove back to Madisonville, picked up some chicken soup, and spent some time with his family before heading back to Bowling Green. All in all, it was an incredible day with my best friend. ❤

The rest of the weekend was spent working, having a dinner / bonfire with my family, working out, grocery shopping, and doing homework. Lots of coffee has been consumed today but I am more than ready to go to sleep here shortly…oh my gosh I just looked at the clock and it’s 6:45! I thought it was 8:30!! I am officially a grandma. 🙂

Of course, we had a steak dinner on this sunny Sunday!! Those garlic knots are my favorite!

I am off to watch more Justified and probably drink more hot chocolate. I think you guys are incredible!! Thanks for reading the blog and I hope you enjoy your week. Do something fun for Fall okay? Okay!