It’s starting to feel like Fall! + other random things…

Hello friends! It’s been a few weeks 🙂 How are you?! I am W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L! Life has been pretty good lately. I am currently snuggled up with 3 dogs, New Girl on in the background, with a pumpkin candle lit making the room smell like Fall.

Let’s take this recap back to a few weeks ago. I made my mom’s homemade potato soup and I did a pretty darn good job if I do say so myself! I doubled the butter, ham, cheese, and added bacon…so you can’t go wrong with that right? Right!

We have been LOVING the Pumpkin Waffle candle from Wal Mart. I need to run over there today and grab more! Another thing we are loving is adding whip cream to coffee…it makes drinking coffee even more fun 🙂

Last week he made me the BEST steak of my life. We picked up some filet mignon’s and he rubbed them with a maple bourbon mix before pan frying them in butter. Perfection! We also had asparagus, mac n cheese, ceasar salad, and wine! A date night-in is always my favorite.

How beautiful is the sun rise?! I love this time of year.

Last week I also helped cater a farm-to-table wedding. These were black bean burgers for the vegetarians in the group!

Sunday morning I woke up to coffee brewing 🙂 We spent the day knocking out some homework after I taught Sunday school.

One of my favorite coffee places in town started making seasonal goodies and we are obsessed! This is a cinnamon apple scone…so darn good!

One night I made rice, broccoli, and sesame chicken. I ended up eating this for dinner and breakfast and lunch the next day! HAHA.

I can’t remember what day it was but it was super chilly and overcast outside so we made chili and cornbread followed by peanuts and candy corn for dessert. Does anyone else like candy corn? I feel like there is no in-between. You either love it or hate it and I feel fortunate to know many people who love it just as much as I do!

We ended one night with hot cocoa and whipped cream!

A random photo of me since I RARELY show my face on any social media anymore. I have been so distracted with work and school! Plus, I was having a good hair day so you have to snap those moments, ya know?

I stopped by to let the dogs out and make a quick lunch before heading out of town to help cater a wedding. This was chicken, romaine, french dressing, cheese, and croutons…#health… hahaha!

My 1-hour road trip snack of choice…can’t stop, won’t stop eating candy corn and peanuts.

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL! Ironically it ended up being the wedding of a girl I used to work with on campus. It was so good to see her! She looked stunning!!

I got back home around 11, washed my face, and snuggled into bed! I woke up early to do my devotional and drink some coffee before venturing out to get more coffee and pumpkin bread from that coffee shop I mentioned earlier. I have a ton of errands and homework to do today but I wanted to stop by and say hello! Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I hope you enjoy the weekend!