September Skies, Date Nights In, & Mini-Waffles

Well, hello there 🙂 How ya doing?? Me…?? I am doing just great! I am finally feeling like myself again after a stressful few weeks. I am snuggled up on the couch with the sun beaming through the windows, ready to write! I may doze off because I am super comfy and I am seriously lacking caffeine. Should I nap or go get coffee?? These are the important questions folks.

While I decide, let’s recap shall we? I left things off last Sunday at my parents. My mom and I made a delicious dinner! Kale salad, salmon burgers, and rice all topped with Tessemae’s Everything Bagel Ranch. SO GOOD!

Monday I woke up early, did my usual devotional and then got ready for work. I spent all day at work and then spent my evening doing Rachael Good Eat’s Good Sweat workout! I just love her and her workouts. I ended the night with a super quick dinner! Chicken meatballs, chickpea pasta, salad, and sparkling juice.

I hadn’t ended my night with a protein mug cake in a while so I obviously had to make one while I watched New Girl. (1 scoop protein powder, 1 T cocoa power, 1 T PB2, 1/2 tsp baking powder, splash of almond milk – microwave for 1 minute – top with PB, choco chips, and whipped cream!)

Tuesday morning I was up bright and early to do my devotional while snuggled up to this cute little guy. He gets groomed next Wednesday and I am mega excited. I have seriously neglected taking care of his grooming needs.

I also made a quick breakfast of an english muffin, turkey bacon, eggs, and syrup! Don’t knock it till ya try it 🙂

My lunches have been really consistent lately. I’ve been eating wraps with spicy brown mustard, a pickle, ham, and buffalo chicken deli meat. So good! I usually like to munch on apples and mini ranch flavored rice cakes too. I’m all about the convenience of foods these days since I am usually glued to my desk.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the September sunsets? God is so good.

One night we had a date night in and I made honey sesame chicken over rice! Not my best work since I accidentally let the chicken burn LOL. He was a trooper though and still ate most of it 😉 Not pictured: our dessert! We have been obsessed with Deep Dish Apple Pie ice cream from Bruesters. We happened upon it accidentally when I asked for a sample after ordering my usual mint chip. IT IS LIFE CHANGING. We are now on pint #2 and I don’t see us stopping anytime soon…

Thursday was a rough one. I was at work most of the morning and then took the afternoon to work from home. My mind and body were EXHAUSTED last week.

Another beautiful sunset to end the evening!

I did manage to squeeze in a workout on Thursday and cook up a turkey taco type dish for us to munch on while we watched Justified! Also ended the evening with apple pie ice cream because “that time of the month” is approaching and ice cream just sounds good all of the time! hahaha

Friday night was another date night filled with more Mexican food and Deep Dish Apple Pie Ice cream! I was up bright and early Saturday to get coffee and make these mini waffles! I ordered that Dash Mini Waffle Maker and it has been so fun! For the waffles I did: 1/4 C protein waffle mix (I like Krusteaz), 1/4 scoop protein powder, 1 T PB2, splash of almond milk to get the right consistency – and then top with whatever your heart desires! They cook in the waffle maker for less than a minute too!

The rest of Saturday involved work, all the homework I put off, and a buffalo chicken quesadilla!

I got all dressed up in the afternoon to work a catering event for a farm-to-table dinner at Shaker Village.

It was an incredibly beautiful night. It started out hot but ended up being nice and cool!

The food was INCREDIBLE. My friend is a farmer and a chef and he is so stinkin talented. He made a peach whiskey BBQ for that smoked chicken…. I think I just cried a little thinking about how good it was.

After the event I was in bed by 10! I woke up bright and early this morning to grab coffee, make breakfast, and prepare to teach Sunday school to a bunch of pre-schoolers via Zoom. Oh how I miss my church family!

Well, if you made it to the end of the blog post I made my decision…I am going to hunt down some iced coffee and then take a nap!

Have a happy Sunday pretty people! 🙂