I’m grateful for the right now.

Hello, hello pretty people 🙂 It’s been a while since I did a weekly recap post so I thought I would crank one out! Blogging brings me SO MUCH JOY! And I am trying to incorporate more things that bring me joy as I navigate this busy season of life at work.

Since it’s been a few weeks, hang in there with me as I navigate when these photos were taken. LOL. I do remember this workout photo a few weeks ago. I’ve been loving zoning out after work to some strength training while New Girl plays on the TV.

One night I made Rachael’s Good Eats 20-minute enchilada skillet and it WONDERFUL! I actually bought these ingredients to make again for this week! I’ve been trying to buy enough groceries for 2 full dinner meals since it will last me all week.

I also got some new workout clothes from Aerie! I love their new athletic line! Super soft and comfy 🙂

After getting in a workout, I made sesame honey chicken with rice and a garlicky-kale salad. This dish has been on repeat for 3 weeks since it’s easy and so tasty!

Here’s a random photo of me in one of my favorite new dresses! It makes me wish it was Fall-time. I would wear dresses every single day if I could! I love feeling girly.

Here’s more random photos…one of sleepy Owen and one of my in my natural habitat, post-workout and eating a big salad while watching New Girl.

One night for dinner I used up a bunch of produce in the fridge and made a big salad. Luckily I had a tuna steak in the freezer I defrosted to throw on top for some extra protein. How good are white peaches?!?!

Another random photo of me eating breakfast I send to my friend. My fridge was very sparse this day because I remember it being a tortilla with eggs and hot sauce only. LOL

Nothing quite like post-work snuggles with my favorite boy 🙂

One Saturday morning I woke up and spent time with Jesus while drinking my morning coffee. My parents came over and I made up breakfast sandwiches too! Side note…have you tried this granola? LIFE CHANGING. I just got the apple pie one too!

After helping one of my sweet friends move all day, I made honey sesame chicken again alongside that garlicky-kale salad. Can’t stop, won’t stop eating this dish!

I wore overalls the other day and forgot just how much I LOVED them!! I would wear these everyday too if I could.

After a very stressful day at work last week I stopped by Rian’s Fatter Calf to pick up some Alaskan Salmon as a treat. It was delicious! I rubbed it down with some sage seasoning, lemon, and olive oil.

I was stuck at the office one day last week and couldn’t leave for lunch. Thank goodness for mom’s who bring you AMAZING chicken salad from local coffee places. This was from Funky Bean and was incredible!

After a long week of work, I am feeling grateful for the RIGHT NOW! I had an incredible weekend with one of my favorite people, I baked a pumpkin pop tart, and I am hanging at my parents house. What more could I ask for? I hope you are enjoying the little things in life today! Have a wonderful week 🙂