blogging makes me feel better…so here is 12432 pictures of my food.

Hello, hello my sweetest friend! Today was A DAYYYY. It was one of those super amazing days where someone decides to rain on your parade and you have two options: let them ruin it or move on… I chose the third option: cry for 2 minutes, seek out all the love and support from my friends, and then kill them all with KINDNESS.


Enough about that! I made it through. I live a blessed life. And I am feeling very grateful. Ok? Ok. So lettuce look at all the random food I have eaten over the past few weeks…

I pride myself in my ability to use up the random food in my fridge and turn it in to something tasty. The below photo was some type of taco-salad!


One morning before work I made some breakfast tacos! Scrambled eggs and tortillas have been my jammmmm lately!!

One night I made Korean BBQ tacos! My mom saw this photo and asked if I had company over with all of that food…hahaha NO. I just made it all for myself and I can only ever eat things when they are aesthetically pleasing. (But like, I am so not high maintenance, ya know? haha).


Can’t remember what I ate here…I think it was random veggies again + scrambled eggs after a quick workout!!

One night after a workout (one of the few things keeping me sane these days!), I mixed some arugula, lemon parmesan salad mix, and rotisserie chicken together for a quick dinner.


I spent most of the weekend working, picking up a friend at the airport, and spending time with my parents. I made an easy salad at their house one day. I highly recommend using pirogies as croutons 🙂


For dinner my mom made jalapeno cheeseburgers + side Caesar salad!


Sunday morning I took a break from my normal yogurt parfait to use up leftover produce in the fridge to create the world’s oddest combo burrito. It did the trick though! Tasty and satisfying!


And here we are, on this lovely Tuesday. Sorry for the random, all-over-the-place post. I wanted to get these food photos off my phone and I wanted to post something because it makes me feel 100000x better 🙂 For dinner I had rice, chicken, spinach, salsa, avocado, radishes, tomatoes, and jalapeno sauce!


I am down for the count y’all. Barely 8:30 and I can’t keep my eyes open. Thanks for reading. I think YOU ARE GRAND!