re-JOY-ce when life get’s busy.

Always be joyful! | 1 Thessalonians 5:6

IMG_8029Hi there pretty friend!!

Life has been…a whirlwind, let me tell ya. I am someone who has never processed stress well. My body physically can. not. handle. it. Over the last few weeks I made a decision to step down from my graduate assistantship and pursue a more full-time job in a field I LOVE and that I am GOOD at. (not to toot my own horn or anything…but TOOT FREAKIN TOOT hahaha).

This summer has flown by and these last few day’s I have had to slow down a bit to process where my life is, where I want it to go etc.

Here’s what I know for certain: GOD’S PLAN is always better than my plan.

Every time I felt my mind racing about my job, I would pray.

Every time I felt my mind racing about a guy I liked, I would pray.

Every time I knew someone was talking negatively about me, I would pray.

Every time I missed a workout and I wanted to beat myself up about it, I would pray.

Every time I snapped at a family member, I would pray…and then apologize 😉 

Every time I felt my chest tighten, my stomach turn into knots, and my body break out in a sweat…I would just PRAY. 


Choosing to rejoice re-JOY-ce has been a game changer. Every negative, silly, worrisome thought, I give to God. And I don’t just mean I pretend to give it to Him and still stress about it. I REALLY give it to Him. I write it down in my journal. I pray about it. I say it out loud to Him. I give it ALL TO HIM.

Choosing to rejoice in the Lord’s plan for me has not only strengthened my relationship with Him, but with other’s as well (including myself!).

Always be full of JOY in the LORD | Philippians 4:4

After I gave my troubles to the Lord, I would spend the day choosing to be self-forgetful rather than self-centered. I would focus on embracing all of those around me and every circumstance that came my way. I would be BOLD and stand humbly before God as His child, rather than trying to push Him aside and follow my own path.


So today, I challenge you…

When you feel negativity taking over, stop and say to yourself “Rejoice Always!”. 

Thanks for reading! I think you are really great 🙂