Fourth of July, Family Time, & Farm-to-Table!

Happy Sunday! I am snuggled up with Owen while I watch an episode of The Office. I am trying to see how many times I can get through this series in my life…I am currently on 10 or 11, I’ve lost count. Anywho, I found out that anxious people tend to watch the same things over and over again because there is a comfort in knowing what comes next. That is TOTALLY ME! I rotate between The Office, New Girl, Friends, Schitt’s Creek… hahahaha.

Enough about TV, lettuce talk about the things I’ve seen, the places I’ve been, and the food I’ve eaten….get ready…because it’s….totally not exciting AT ALL! 🙂 The photo below is my breakfast on July 4th. I tried to use up everything in the fridge. I made scramble eggs with turkey, cheese, and hot sauce. Plus a slighlty freezer burnt waffle, expired whipped cream, and berries that were on their last leg. I’ve got to be better about eating the food in my fridge before it looks pitiful.

IMG_7088I spend the rest of the day surrounded by my family eating delicious food! I don’t like fireworks and neither does Owen, so we settled into bed around 9 pm to read! It was the perfect day!

One day I made queso mac n cheese (recipe HERE) and salmon for my roomie and I!


I tell you what, thank goodness TJ Maxx is back open because I was able to stock up on a bunch of summer dresses. I cannot get comfortable wearing pants in this hot and humid weather. Good thing I would live in a dress everyday if I could!


Check out the super cute band-aid… it takes me forever to let anything HEAL. I am a scab picker. Gross but true.


One day I had a loaded veggie scramble after a workout and fresh cucumbers from my friend’s garden!


My mom texted me on Thursday while I was at work and told me they were making enchiladas and margs for dinner! I booked it over to their house as quick as I could.



Friday I worked all day and then headed home to throw leftover produce on a freezer burnt cauliflower pizza. While that was cooking, I did dishes. CRAZY FRIDAY NIGHT, haha! Then my roomie and I ate mini chocolate chip cookies and ice cream. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end a Friday!


Saturday morning I was up bright and early to eat breakfast and drink lots of coffee before heading into work.


Around noon I headed off to Franklin, TN to help work a catering event. My friend’s at River Cottage Farm cater the most beautiful farm-to-table dinners. The food is always AMAZING. I feel super grateful I get to help cook, take pictures of the food, and hang out with my friends all day for “work”.


The menu included: a beautiful salad with sunflower sprouts, a jammed egg, and a red wine vinaigrette. Then there was a mint watermelon summer salad. Followed by a smoked cherry bruschetta over baguette. And then a duck breast with arugula. AND THEN….a margarita pie….so so so so GOOD.


And that’s all I got! I got home around midnight last night and then woke up early to workout before going to work. I hope you had the best week ever!! I’m off to make more enchiladas and margs with my roomie tonight!