A quick hello on this Tuesday!


Hellllooooooo….so, my sweetest cutie friend Leon mentioned I hadn’t blogged since June 14th. At first I thought, ohmygoodness you are so sweet for reading and then I thought, danggit…I need to blog. So here I am, with a few pictures + life updates.


I am not sure if I ever mentioned this on the blog, but I was down to drinking one cup of coffee a day just a  few months ago. Well, that only lasted for a week because my new job is 2 mins from 3 coffee shops and one is even walking distance. I am back up to my 7-8 cups a day quota. Will my heart give out?! We will see, stay tuned…

Anywho, enough about my minor (read: major!) addiction to coffee. Life has been pretty routine around here. Which I secretly love because my Type A personality thrives on routine. My days usually look like this: wake up at 5 to run 2-3 miles with Owen, do a quick workout in the garage, go to work and stay until 5 or 6, come home, fall asleep by 9 journaling or reading and start all over again the next day!


Sunday was all about my dad and it was a darn good day. I’m not sure how I got so lucky to have a dad as great as him? Never have I ever met a kinder, funnier, more gentle-hearted and God-fearing man. He’s my mentor and someone I look up to so much!


I finally made it to the grocery store after 2.5 weeks without going and it was THE BEST. I stocked up on all the produce/meats to eat this week. I am trying to eat out less, so fingers crossed. This salad above was just a hodge-podge of random things + Tessemae’s Everything Bagel Ranch..I highly recommend you buy it.


I also got a bunch of yogurt and berries because that’s the only thing I seem to want after these hot and humid workouts in the morning.


I ate this easy turkey bowl for dinner tonight before heading to Target to hunt down dress pants for work. (Side note: I left with 2 pairs of jeans, a book, and face wash…and ZERO dress pants).

Turkey bowl—> 15 MINUTE DINNER:
1 lb. turkey (or beef!) cooked until brown then add in salt, pepper, chili lime, salsa & cayenne. Add in 1/2 diced red onion, tiny baby peppers, & 1 packet of arugula (or any greens!).Cook up rice (I used 1 minute because NO SHAME). Top w/ salsa, lime juice, & gauc… which i don’t have… don’t remind me.

I hope you are having the most wonderful week ever. THANKS FOR READING. I think you are really great.