Jeez Louise, Life is GOOD.

Happy Sunday pretty people! I am currently cozied up with a cup of coffee, enjoying the little rain storm we are having, and ready to write! This week was a good one! Here are a few things I ate and did this past week!


I spent Saturday (a few weeks ago) being as productive as possible! I started my day with a workout followed by a Strawberry Smoothie that tasted just like a milkshake thanks to the addition of almond milk whipped cream! {1 handful of frozen strawberries, vanilla protein powder, almond milk, ice – blend!} I then got ready to run a few errands. My shorts and shirt are from Lou and Shea Boutique– I am OBSESSED with all of the clothes on Savannah’s website. So comfy and cute.


After a day of errands I made a quick spicy turkey taco bowl for dinner with a side of sparkling water. {sauté tri-colored peppers, jalapeños, & red onion in a pan, add in ground turkey, add in hot salsa and cook until turkey is done – stir in some greens until wilted (I used arugula!) – top mixture over rice with more hot salsa & @traderjoes jalapeño sauce – top with a squeeze of lime juice, cherry tomatoes, chili lime cashews and eat with some @sietefoods chips 😋🔥👊🏼a 15 minute meal that will have your eyes watering & nose running in the best way}


I’ve been working a lot at the new job I have so I usually wake up super early to have some time for myself and for God. I’ve been spending about 30-45 mins journaling and reading before getting ready. I’ve also been drinking A TON of smoothies since it’s 80+ degrees at 7:30 in the morning now.


Last Saturday, I helped my friend Brayden at a Farm to Table catering event. How pretty is this? It tasted even better!


It was back to work the following week and of course, I am drinking a smoothie!


I also picked up a hat from my super cool neighbor who is creating a new business. You have to check them out! Click HERE. Owen and I are big fans of this hat!

It is slightly dangerous that my work is close to so many coffee shops. Or is it a blessing? Probably both.


One night for dinner I had a super quick shrimp stir-fry! This was literally just frozen shrimp, frozen veggies, liquid aminos, sesame oil, and minute-rice.


My new friend and coworker is from the border of Burma and Thailand so she makes the most magical food. Everything is so fresh and delicious! She made a few of us lunch one day at work!!


Had to sneak in a little picture of Owen 🙂 We danced around the kitchen one night to Cage the Elephant while we waited for our veggies to roast after a workout.


This PAST Saturday Owen woke me up at 5:30 so I got ready and we headed out to exercise! We went for a run on campus and then ran the stadiums. I love my little workout buddy!


When I got home my roommate and I walked to the Funky Bean. I had been wanting to try it since they first started building the place a few months ago! Everything was incredible!!!! The food, coffee, AND the customer service. I will be back probably everyday since it’s two seconds from my house. 🙂 They even have the cutest patio on their roof!

After working for a few hours and running to TJ Maxx with my neighbor, I headed to my parents house to let Owen run around a bit. My mom and I made nachos for everyone and they were AMAZING. Not pictured: the two margaritas I drank beforehand 🙂


I went to bed with a full tummy and a happy heart. Owen woke me up super early again on this Sunday so I made some coffee and spent some time with God outside.


Thanks for reading friends. I think you are really great. ❤