Well, here’s a bunch of pictures of me & food.

Well, well, well…if isn’t….me. HAHA. Do you even remember me? Because I barely remember what it feel like to blog.


I’ve been all over the place with work/life/school. Luckily, school is finally over with and I have a small break before I start a new job for the summer! I decided to spend my quiet Memorial Day morning blogging away with my little Owen boy 🙂


We have MISSED you. So please be prepared for an over-abundance of pictures featuring me, food, and Owen!


Lately I have been eating a lot of the same things: bagel sandwiches from Q coffee, yogurt parfaits, and salads.

I’ve also been spending my mornings with Jesus 🙂


I’ve also been working a lot more during quarantine so please enjoy this post-workout happiness photo of me and pancakes!


I have also been going through my closet and getting rid of clothes I don’t feel comfortable in and swapping them out for clothes I do feel good in! I’ve been buy a lot fromLou & Shea Boutique. I love all of their clothes!

One thing keeping me sane during all of this corona stuff is sticking to my normal routine. I have still been getting ready and going to work just as I normally would have.


Owen has been getting a lot of walks too 🙂


And lots of quality time with my roommate helps with the corona madness!


One Friday night Rachel and I made healthy burger bowls for dinner!

{ground beef, a slice of bacon, cook peppers & mushrooms in bacon fat, top with lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, pickles, avo, spicy brown mustard – throw over a bed of rice!}


I am always trying to sneak a picture of Owen and I and he is NEVER excited about it, haha!


Anddddd here are some random pictures!!

I finally got to go to confession and communion at my church and it was WONDERFUL.


One day for work I made a tuna steak salad with leftover mango salsa and that was pretty wonderful as well.

One night we made watermelon slushies, mango salsa, and crispy cod tacos. HEAVENLY.


Also, how cute is this shirt? I’m OBSESSED. Kindness > everything.



Friday night charcuterie board with my roomie! WE LOVE snacking for meals!



And to finish off this incredibly long post, here’s a yummy salmon dinner I had on Saturday night!


Sorry for the chaotic post. I can’t keep my days straight it’s been so long since I last blogger. Perhaps I should be better at the whole blogging thing 🙂

Sending you LOTS OF LOVE.