January Recap: Back to School, Meals at Home, Marathon Training!

Anastasia & Rachel + Owen

Hiii friends!! It’s me, Lettuce Attend! Back again! I am getting into the routine of not writing and I can tell it’s affecting my mood…in a negative way. I say this every time I write but I have GOT to make it more of a habit. Blogging is so comforting to me and I need to make it more of a priority. Anywho… life has been pretty great over here! I am back at  school / work and sticking to a pretty good routine of exercising more and making healthy recipes at home.


My roommate Rachel and I (the cutie below!!) are training for a marathon so we have been running and strength training a lot. We have also been cooking the MOST AMAZING meals at home since we both love to cook healthy food. All of our meals always take less than 30 minutes and we honestly love cooking at home rather than eating out! Plus, it save us money in the long run. Above is shredded chicken thighs, roasted veggies (with truffle parmasean seasoning!!), and bread with olive oil.


Here’s a random picture of my crazy Owen boy 🙂


One night we made SUPER SPICY salmon with brown rice and a brussels sprout salad.


The one below is a burger bowl with an Asian honey dressing – SO GOOD!!!!


Another night we made an easy Stir Fry that you can find the recipe for on my Instagram page: CLICK HERE – that recipe uses shrimp but the picture below has steak. I recommend both!


A shameless selfie before a night of going out! I ended up being the DD. I was chugging water in the corner of a bar watching Owen on my dog camera…no shame!


Just a little Sunday morning latte before church 🙂


Rachel and I also made an amazing breakfast for her friend – avocado toast, bacon, fruit, and chocolate milk!


A random Sunday afternoon snack plate…. these pictures are all out of order so they are throwing me off haha


One night I made vegan mac and cheese (thatEat Banza kindly sent me!) with roasted broccoli/sweet potatoes and salmon.


My Priest also blessed our house blessed one Saturday afternoon!! You can read all about Orthodox house blessings HERE.


And then one night we made the stir fry recipe with shrimp 🙂 All of these food pictures are making me so hungry again!!


My mornings have consisted of coffee and my She Reads Truth devotional and I am all about it. Spending time with Jesus in the morning changes my whole day and puts me in a much better mood.


Snapped this picture to send to a friend while I was at work…I was cracking up because it wasn’t even 10 am and my friend was like…um…is that all of your coffee from this morning?? HAHA yes! Proudly so.


Of course, can’t leave out my snuggle picture with Owen!


I also have been trying  out this new skin care line from Athia Skin Care. It’s designed for women who love to workout and sweat, A LOT. I have been LOVING it. I also love that each purchase goes to help out women around the world in need of scholarships for an education. You can read more on the skin care HERE and the company they partner with to help women HERE. You can also use code LETTUCEATTEND for a special discount at checkout!!!


One night my roommate and I walked to a local coffee shop to chat about our days and get some steps in. I literally do not know what I would do without her!


Rachel and I have also been loving overnight oats for breakfast some days. We have been using @itiswellwithmybowl ‘s recipes because they are WONDERFUL.


Of course we participated in Taco Tuesday!! We also decided we are never buying Siete tortillas again…those things are expensive!! Haha


Just look how beautiful ……


One morning I made a little Fall-inspired oatmeal which you can find the recipe for HERE.


One night we made avocado toast for dinner and it was a very good decision!!


And I will leave you with some fancy pictures of me and my Owen boy!! Hope you all have a wonderful Super Bowl SUNDAY!!!