November Recap!

Hi everyone!! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I enjoyed a restful Thanksgiving at home with my family and it was wonderful. It’s been a while since I have done a recap so here I am! Life has been very busy. I usually go through little rough patches where I feel a lack of inspiration on the blog. Now that the Christmas season is upon us, I am feeling slightly rejuvenated 🙂

Taking things back to a few Monday’s ago… I had 32 oz. of celery juice after a workout and man oh man, I should have started out with maybe 8 oz. My stomach was a mess all day! I also ended things with someone I really cared about Monday and I think Owen sensed my sadness because he was alllll about snuggling me.

Luckily I had a coffee date scheduled with my sweet friend and mentor Holly scheduled on Tuesday. Our coffee date cheered me up! Dating is ROUGH guys. Really rough. One minute I think I know exactly what I want and then the next I am left feeling all alone. Here’s what I have noticed, when I put my relationship with God above everything else, my vision is clear. When I let my relationship with God take a back seat, things in my life seemed jumbled up and unclear. Moral of the story – I am working on sticking close to God. 🙂


This is a total sign from God…my dear friend Natalie left these beautiful flowers on my front doorstep Tuesday and she had no idea how I had been feeling. HOW BEAUTIFUL?! Thank you Natalie! Flowers always cheer me up!


I also decided to go on a run with Owen later in the evening to clear my head. The weather was perfect!


I ended the night with a simple meal:

SALMON SALAD- 1 pack @safecatchfoods salmon, 1 T avocado oil mayo, 2 T spicy brown mustard, squeeze lemon juice, salt & pepper, 1 T chopped walnutsRoasted Sweet potato / apples – coat 1 small sweet potato & 1 small apple in olive oil, cinnamon, salt & pepper, roast for 20 mins at 425


Does anyone else LOVE the Fall weather?! Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons to dress for. I am also LOVING this vintage purse from a local vintage shop in town –> Painted Lady Trading

I also always love the Starbucks coffee my sweet friend Tony brings me almost everyday!!


A few weekends ago we also hosted the teen girls from my church for a girl’s night! We went to see Last Christmas on Friday, played cards, and then woke up to breakfast on Saturday and discussed body image in the Orthodox Church.


The weekend went by quick and then it was back to work on Monday!

Tuesday we had our work Thanksgiving potluck. I would be LOST without these two. They make work 10000% more fun.




Wednesday I spent the day prepping for Thanksgiving and baking cookies for the cookie sale at Church. I also ran a few errands and had drinks with my sweetest friend Mandy!!


Thursday morning I was up bright and early ready for a day filled with food and family 🙂  I stated the day with a simple pumpkin smoothie! 1 frozen banana, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 2 T pumpkin, a dash of pumpkin spice, 1 C almond milk – BLEND!









I use to STRESS hard-freaking-core about this holiday. The food would overwhelm me. I would plan for a run in the morning, a walk after dinner, & a long run the next day. I would skip the bread & dessert and load up on veggies only. I would cry when I felt “full”. I would judge others who filled their plates too high with mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. Not anymore! This holiday remains my favorite. Looking forward to feeling happy & full on homemade rolls, pumpkin pie, and all the other goodies. If you struggle with an eating disorder, I encourage you to challenge yourself in a good way during the holidays. Take a deep breath. It’s just food. It’s just a way to enjoy time with loved ones. You’ve got this. ✌🏼


It was a wonderful day with family and boy was I FULL. I still managed to take a few bites of pumpkin pie before giving in to my fullness. I went to bed with a happy heart and a full tummy!

Friday I was sick all day but I woke up Saturday morning ready to decorate for Christmas!!


And that’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by the blog!!!