I don’t know what to title this?

Lettuce take a moment to appreciate this little guy… I get to wake up to this little baby face EVERY MORNING. If I love my dog this much…what will I be like with my own child one day? I can’t even begin to imagine that kind of love. Anyways…


The weeks are going by so fast and I’m a little relieved. I’m VERY ready for school to start again. I’m getting stuck in a routine rut. I wake up, I go to work, I come home, I workout, I watch Friends, I read, I go to bed and then I do it all over again. I’m excited for a little change and to begin running the wellness program at school in a few weeks.
So, this recap will be ALLLL over the place. Sorry. We can start with this salmon salad I had a few weeks ago:
Broil the salmon on high for 10-15 mins after coating the fish in a drizzle of olive oil, lime, sea salt, and pepper.
Massage spinach and lettuce with the same ingredients you coated the salmon in.
Top with any and all vegetables!


One night for dinner I made roasted sweet potatoes and carrots with a side salad and BBQ chicken for my parents and I.


Almost every single day I come home and workout and down chocolate protein powder + ice + water for recovery and an afternoon snack!


I’ve been re-reading one of my favorite book series (Found HERE) and the main character always goes to the local diner and orders a BLT. So…BLT’s had been on my brain for weeks! My mom and I finally decided to make some one morning for breakfast. Thick slices of Whole Foods sourdough bread, hickory smoked bacon, a big juicy, local tomato, lettuce, and avocado oil mayo – we do NOT mess around when it comes to BLT’s. This really hit the spot.


Post-BLT, my parents and I headed to Louisville for a funeral. On the way I had a call with my mentors and favorite humans!!


We rushed back home after the funeral since my parents had a wedding to get to. I opted stay home and snuggle up with this little guy:


Sunday was all about church, meeting my Aunt’s new boyfriend, and eating lasagna!

I was more than ready for a new week once Monday hit! Am I the only one who loves Mondays? They always feel like a fresh new start to me.


I also drank a really gross juice with some leftover produce in our fridge. I pinched my nose and chugged it down because I HATE letting vegetables go to waste.


So…this doesn’t look good. But I can assure you it WAS! Vegan carrot tacos over lettuce with salsa, tomatoes, and sautéed peppers.


One night I met my friends for coffee + business building. I also got this book in the mail and I am OBSESSED! It’s been so fascinating to read.

The Mexican theme continued the next night for dinner with these Turkey Taco Bowls!


There’s also been lots of work on my business and behind-the-scenes blog work 🙂


My family was out of town this past weekend so it was dinner for one while I watched Friends on the couch! Roasted brussels sprouts, a turkey burger, and honey mustard.


Don’t know what these pictures were from but apparently I worked on my computer one night on the couch and the next morning I made this delicious breakfast!

I’m not quite sure what I would do without Owen! He’s the greatest!!!


Saturday morning I was up early to head to the grocery store and gather supplies for protein balls and smoothie ingredients for a smoothie bowl party I was having.


Well…No one showed up for my smoothie bowl party ( LOL ) so Owen kept me company while I made my own smoothie bowl.


THE PRETTIEST! I could spend hours making food only to take pictures of it.


And just like that, it was time for bed again. Luckily I’ve got a pretty handsome snuggle buddy.


This blog was ALL OVER THE PLACE. I’m so sorry. Ughhhhhh. I hope you made it to the end. Maybe one day I’ll get my life together and write a recap post that makes sense and is in chronological order. 🙂