Oh heyyyy, I missed you.

Well friends, it’s been a month since I’ve last talked about my life to you…are we still friends? I hope so. Forgive me? Summer has been crazier than expected. This past month I have dealt with some personal things and have been working hard on some work things as well. Every time I sat down to open my laptop, the last thing I wanted to do was stare at a screen for an another hour. But, HERE I AM! Ready to write and fill you in.


Back on June 2nd (LOL) it was my dad’s birthday, but I promised to celebrate my friend Mandy’s birthday with her in Nashville as well. Don’t worry, I made sure to still celebrate my dad the next day! We spent most of the day at the rooftop pool drinking (and sunburning) before getting ready to head out for the evening.

We ate delicious Japanese food and then hit a few bars before heading to PLAY. We got back to the hotel around 3 a.m. and I quickly took a shower before passing out asleep.


I made my way back to Bowling Green the next morning and got ready to go to work for a little while. I made my family salmon, salad, and roasted veggies for dinner.


Followed by a big bowl of popcorn + M&M’s and tea while we all watched the Bohemian Rhapsody movie. That movie was SO GOOD!! I wasn’t expecting it to be so good.


Fast forward to the next Saturday (June 8th)… hahah this blog post is all over the place already. Anyways, my family and I made our way to my cousins graduation party for a little bit.

Once we got home later in the afternoon, the boys went golfing while the girls snuggled up on the couch with coffee and binge watched Dead to Me. That show is also so good! I highly recommend it.


Sunday was all about church and bread making! This was my first batch of bread EVER and I was so proud!! It turned out perfectly.


Monday was all about work before heading home to get ready for a fun date night! Tuesday and Wednesday I worked all day too. I did manage to make a recipe for the blog on Wednesday which you can find HERE. This was supposed to go to church with me Wednesday night but I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to realize I missed church…whoops.


Thursday I got home from work and was SO TIRED so I napped on the couch. This little guy woke me up. I can’t be mad because LOOK AT THAT FACE. I took it was a sign to get my butt up and do a workout.

Friday was all about work again. I was very ready for a relaxing Friday night with my family.

Saturday morning I woke up for some quiet time before getting in a dog walk and a sweaty workout. I made a quick smoothie bowl for breakfast/lunch before heading to Home Depot to spend time with my dad. We had plans to do some home projects together! I love getting to spend time with him.

Facetune_15-06-2019-11-26-41 2

Side note: My dear friend Natalie made me this “Liquid Xanax” essential oil roller and I LOVE IT. I rub it all over my next and chest and it immediately calms me down. If you’ve read my blog before you know I can’t go a day without taking my fruit and vegetable capsules either. These two pictures describe the staples in my life lately.

So, I am totally losing track of what day it is now. But one night for dinner I made my family a big stir-fry with all the leftover vegetables in our fridge. Everyone else had chicken and I decided to go with mussels. Super tasty and high protein.


The next morning I made myself a big breakfast. I wanted to enjoy it outside but that lasted 2 seconds since it was already 1044 degrees out.


I spent most of the day at work before coming home to do a quick workout and relax. My whole family was gone for the evening so I made myself a big salad and watched Seinfeld before heading to bed around 9:30. I live a very, very exciting life guys. Try not to be jealous.


Not sure what night this was but look at that double rainbow. ❤


Now I remember what day it was!!! Thursday (July 20) was all about the baking / cooking. I made White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies (SOOOOO GOOD!!). I also made homemade bread again, homemade mashed potatoes, green beans, mac n’ cheese, and meatloaf. Just call me Martha Stewart. But like, pre-prison days, ya know?



Friday I was in charge of a meeting at work so I tried to dress up a little. Obviously I had to get a picture with my favorite guy 🙂



After work I took a long nap with my little cutie. (My mom is going to be so ticked Owen was on the couch…sorry mom)


The storms started to roll in so I made a big salad and a cup of tea before watching Gilmore Girls with my mom.

Once everyone else got home safely, we broke out the ice cream. This is how we prepare when there’s a tornado warning…


I don’t remember what I did Saturday AT ALL. 23 and already losing my memory. I do know Sunday involved church, a sweaty workout, family time, and the best Alaskan salmon with snow crab. I love Sunday night family dinner!


How CUTE is HE!??!?!


Monday morning I woke up to sip on coffee, talk to my parents, and then I took Owen on a long walk around the neighborhood. After our walk I came back home to get in a quick workout before getting ready for work.

I was feeling a little funky Monday so I only worked until around lunch time. I came back home to take a nap and bake cookies!


I made Kale Junkie’s Life Changing Tahini Chocolate Chip cookies and they really are life changing. I highly recommend.


Tuesday – Thursday was the same routine. I woke up, read my bible, sipped on coffee, did a tough workout, and then headed into work until the late afternoon. Thursday night, however, involved another date with the cutest guy. I snacked on a coconut butter cup while I waited for him to pick me up.


Friday I worked most of the day before heading home. It was a pretty uneventful Friday night. I was on my own again so I ate chicken salad + almond flour crackers before falling asleep to Seinfeld. Living that grandma life.

I was up bright and early Saturday morning to work the farmer’s market though for some friends! They have the prettiest produce at their stand! I stocked up and made roasted veggies for my family once I got home.


Is there anything prettier than vegetables?!!? Hardly. My mom made steak to go alongside the veggies.


And… that’s a wrap. I’m glad that’s over with. I hope you made it through to the end! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Hopefully I won’t have any more monthly recaps, LOL. I’ll try to be better at making them weekly again.