See ya later undergrad, anxiety attacks, & a few things I ate this week!

Hellllloooooooo beautiful people! I am currently snuggled up on the couch with a big cup of coffee, a fuzzy blanket, sweet potatoes in the oven, and the movie “Wine Country” on in the background. This movie is a Netflix original and has all of my favorite funny actresses in it – so far it’s hilarious!

I have been feeling less than inspired lately and have been having several mild anxiety attacks so I’ve put the blog on the back burner. My mood shifted today so here I am, tying away. 🙂 More on anxiety later…

So two Saturdays ago (lol, it’s been so long) I had the BEST little rice cake as a snack. I used a brown rice cake and mashed 1/4 an avocado on it with a squeeze of lime, salt and pepper, a radish, and some cilantro. Saturday was mostly spent trying to finish up last minute internship projects for school!


Sunday morning I spent time reading and journaling before heading to church. After church I came back home and made carrot juice! I am LOVING the juicer I got.

Since juice is filling for about 30 minutes…I made a late lunch to eat while working on more school work. Looks terrible, tasted amazing! I toasted a piece of sourdough and smashed 1/2 an avocado on it with a squeeze of lime, salt and pepper, one egg, and some roasted brussels sprouts.


I needed a break from staring at my computer so I took Owen on a walk and listened to music.

When I got back from our walk I did a quick workout, made a protein shake, and got back to working on school work.


I don’t remember Monday. I’m sure it involved work, coffee, and a workout. So lettuce move on to Tuesday! I spent most of the day at work before heading out to pick up food for a student employee banquet. The banquet was great and it was fun getting dressed up, but I was SO TIRED and very much looking forward to going to bed.


Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 8.14.35 PM

The night ended with popcorn, dark chocolate almonds, tea, and snuggles with Owen. I was feeling very anxious that night and I swear he can tell. He snuggles right up to me every time I’m feeling weird.

Wednesday I went to work, got my hair cut and back to a normal, healthy length thanks to my friend Shelby! I had a date that night so I had her curl it for me!IMG_0489

The rest of Wednesday was spent cooking dinner with said date in Nashville!

Thursday…I don’t remember so let’s jump to Friday! Friday I woke up for some quiet time and oatmeal. Here’s how I made the oatmeal: 1/3 C oats, 5 drops chocolate stevia, 1/2 C water, cooked until liquid was absorbed. I also heated up 1/4 C frozen cherries and then poured the oatmeal on top. Then I added 1 T dairy-free chocolate chips and a heaping spoonful of peanut butter.


When I got to work my parents had chocolate-covered strawberries and cupcakes for me since I was graduating! We also attended another banquet at my school to honor those graduating in my department. I am SO EXCITED to be the new Student Wellness Grad Assistant next semester but I will miss my boss so much – she is amazing!

After the banquet I came home and went for a run before doing an hour of HITT training. I took a long, hot shower…fell asleep in the shower and then snuggled up on my bed to watch Seinfeld. I told my parents I was SO TIRED that I just wanted to eat ice cream and play cards with them to celebrate my graduation. It was the best evening! My sister also surprised me with Aly & Aj tickets for my graduation! We used to LOVE them when we were younger!!!


I slept like a baby that night so I woke up early to enjoy coffee, some quiet time, and made a quick breakfast before I had to take my parents to the airport.


After dropping my parents off, I walked around Whole Foods for two hours and stocked up on Siete chips and Eating Evolved chocolate. Then I headed home! After I got home I did a long workout and went on a run. I was feeling incredibly anxious that day and was trying to find different ways to distract myself.

I didn’t sleep at all Saturday night so church was very exhausting on Sunday. After church all I wanted to do was drink coffee, workout, and watch Seinfeld. And that’s exactly what I did. I couldn’t get out of my weird anxiety funk.

Monday morning I woke up, spent some time doing affirmations and journaling before making some oatmeal. I had a walk planned with my mentor/sister/friend Holly at 10 and I couldn’t wait! She always finds a way to cheer me up.


After our walk and lunch at Spencer’s I headed into work for a little while. After work I headed home for a workout before taking a long shower and snuggling up to watch “The Good Wife” with my sister on the couch. Also – how cute is this cookie my mom got me from Hay Hay Cookies?! I finally had to open it because my sister kept begging to eat it hahaha


Tuesday was all about work and then a date at India Oven! After eating we walked around town sipping coffee and laughing and it was wonderful.

So, Wednesday morning (this morning!) I had finally had enough of my anxious feelings…


My head and heart have been filled with so much anxiety and uncertainty lately. You know when your stomach feels sick and your mind won’t stop racing? That’s how I’ve felt for weeks. I couldn’t figure out a way to stop it. I couldn’t find a way to calm my thoughts and be still for a moment. Last night I broke down crying. I couldn’t take it anymore – my thoughts were going 600 mph and I couldn’t keep up. I realized…why am I trying to be so in control?? Why am I trying to control my future and plan everything out?? That’s not my job. That’s not why I’m here. GOD has my life planned and ready for me. GOD has my dreams laid out. GOD has me in His best interest. What am I so worried about? I woke up this morning tired and still slightly anxious so I read PSALM 23 over and over again, maybe 50 times until my mind became calm and quiet. ✨ I don’t know why I always try to be in control when GOD is the master of my life. If He is for us, who could ever be against us? ☦️

I spent all day listening to podcasts, talking to friends on the phone, and saying Psalm 23 whenever I started to feeling my stomach church or my heart race. I also stopped by the bookstore to pick up this book to help me out. I have been meaning to get this book and today my mind was screaming at me to just go get it already! I cannot tell you how much better my whole body feels after just giving everything over to God today. I can write a whole blog post on my anxiety tips if you want!

After getting home from work and the bookstore I changed into workout clothes, got in a good workout, and then snuggled up outside with my new book and coconut milk cappuccino.

God is so good you guys. What started out as an anxious week where I couldn’t snap myself out of it, ended with me giving all my fears over to God.