A Quick Trip to the OC!

Hi friends!! I am currently sitting on my bed with my legs propped up because I am suffering from a sunburn so bad my legs have swollen…cool.

Anyways, I wanted to keep you updated on my Cali trip and blog about my quick trip to Orange County to visit some family friends. When I got in Saturday evening my friends treated me to homemade white chicken chili and cornbread and then brownies and ice cream. Everything was amazing!


Sunday morning I woke up, drank some coffee, and worked on the blog while my friends were sleeping. Once they woke up they took me to get an acai bowl! It was HEAVENLY.


After a few hours of exploring we stopped into Apola Gyro Grill for gyros. Everything was incredible! Apparently, this is the only Apola in the world. It’s basically a subway for gyros. I was stuffed!


I was incredibly full and exhausted on Sunday night. I ate a slice of pizza around 9 and then fell right asleep.

I was up bright and early on Monday morning! I worked on the blog and had Postmates deliver me a green smoothie and green juice. I needed extra nutrients to detox from all the greasy food I had been eating. I wish we had Postmates in Bowling Green because having green smoothies delivered to you is amazing.



Around 10 I threw on my swimsuit and sundress and ordered an Uber to pick me up for a day at Huntington Beach.

After 5 hours I was incredibly sunburnt but it was worth it – to be honest, I was a little nervous spending the day on my own in a city I don’t know. I was worried I would get bored with myself or lost or kidnapped (for real lol) but I was pleasantly surprised with how the day played out. I got to spend 5 hours laying on the beach, listening to podcasts, reading my book, journaling like crazy, and making a list of my top 100 lifetime goals. I didn’t realize how much my soul needed today. I needed this unexpected time alone in a place I’ve never been to. God is so good & I am so grateful for today.


I took one last walk along the water, took in everything around me, and then packed up my things. I was beginning to get hungry so I decided to walk around the little shops next to the beach. I stopped into the cutest boutique for some “California” clothing, very flowy and light colors. Then I stopped by Earth Bar for a refreshing green smoothie. It was almost rush hour so I went ahead and ordered an Uber back to my friends place!


After a quick (and painful, form the sunburn) shower I decided to order a healthy dinner for myself. I ordered a giant mango salad and sweet potato fries!


I was so grateful for this quick trip to Orange County. I LOVED California and could totally see myself living here for a few years. I was, however, ready to get back to my dog in Kentucky!

I was up bright and early for my flight home. I got to the airport extra early so that I could find coffee and enjoy it before rushing on to a plane. I took extra fruit and veggie capsules before my flight to keep my immune system up!


My flight was pretty smooth! I sat next to an old couple who had been married 69 years! They shared homemade coffee cake with my that their daughter packed for them. 🙂 We had the best time talking and getting to know one another.

I finally landed in Nashville and was so excited to see my mom when she pulled in to pick me up! We decided to grab dinner to avoid rush-hour traffic. That was a failed attempt but we still had an excellent dinner. We stopped into Burger Up and  each had a quinoa, black bean veggie burger and sweet potato fries. This meal was AMAZING!!!!


Ummm…my mom is a super model.


Little Owen was SO EXCITED to see me!!! He didn’t leave my side all night or morning. I could barely get my journaling in because he wanted to be cuddled up to my arm. I just love him!

There was no exercise for me today with my legs swollen and stiff from my sunburn. I am hoping tomorrow will be better!

That’s all I got – I hope you are having the best Wednesday. ❤

P.S. How cute is this sweatshirt?! All the fruits and veggies!!