Coffee, Running, Reading, Vegetables…I live the same week every week I think.

HAPPY MONDAY beautiful people! I am so glad you stopped by the blog today. I am back here to tell you all about my week. I hope it inspire you to eat healthier and also enjoy a few treats along the way. 🙂

Lettuce go back to TWO Saturday’s ago (March 9th)! I sipped on a simple banana-vanilla smoothie with almonds, pepita seeds, and cashews on top. Have you seen my smoothie recipe round-up?!?! CLICK HERE because I break down all of my favorite smoothies on place!


I spent the day hanging out at my parents house before going to an event in town that was all about supporting Boss Babes in Bowling Green! We picked up our FAVORITE Hay-Hay Cookies & Pie Queen goodies. Do you see those cookies?! First all, all the proceeds support Autism awareness. Second of all, they are the BEST cookies of my entire life. You can never be too sure if pretty cookies will taste good or “chemically” but these are INCREDIBLE.

I also picked up a new ribbon for my hair and I am low-key obsessed. The lady I bought it from dyes all her fabric with plants…PLANTS. ❤


The rest of Saturday was spent hunkered down trying to catch up on some homework.

Sunday morning I woke up super early, had some hot water with tea, and read for a little while before getting ready for church.

IMG_0370Sometimes I catch myself falling back into my old habits – talking negatively, losing my temper towards my family, and feeling sad and lonely. These are the times I really have to think, “what is bothering me?” This past week I’ve been watching a little too much tv and not spending enough time reading before I fall asleep and when I wake up. This one little thing has been affecting my mood all week and this morning I decided to finally put a stop to it and pick my personal growth books back up.


After church I spent some quality time with my family!


A few hours later we had to go back to church for a service called “Forgiveness Vespers”. The Orthodox Lenten season has started and every Lenten season begins with this service. I love it! We all go around the room asking for forgiveness from each person!

Post-church service: Blaze veggie pesto pizza and mint chip frozen yogurt!

Monday morning began with a run with my favorite little guy!!


Followed by literally all of my favorite things: A smoothie, JP+, and sprouted granola!


I went to work until 1 and came back home to make another smoothie bowl for lunch. I am literally obsessed. This one can be found on my smoothie recipe round-up!


So…I literally barely remember what I did Tuesday – Thursday because I have zero pictures!! Hahahah Tuesday I worked all day then headed to Novo Dolce for dinner, Wednesday I worked all day, babysat, then headed to church, Thursday I worked all day and then went bowling with a friend! I had the most amazing week – but sadly no pictures to show for it.

Let’s skip ahead to Friday! I headed into work for a few hours and my lunch plans got changed so I headed to Beet Box Produce for their fresh food Friday bar! I picked up a sweet potato and topped it with a Mexican-quinoa dish, guacamole, salsa, peppers, and Siete chips!! Now that is my kind of fast food!


Look at this kid…he likes to hold my foot with his paw. *I die*


I headed to my parent’s house Friday afternoon to make a cup of coffee and work on blog things. I little while later I had to head to church for our Room In the Inn program that brings in the homeless population once a month during the cold seasons.


Saturday morning I was in my same spot on the porch with Birch Blenders paleo pancakes, almond butter, and a dollop of coconut cream!


I also made Vegan (NOT)cho cheese that I could rave on and on about but you can just find that recipe HERE.


My cousins came over unexpectedly so my family and I hung out with them for a little while. After they left my mom put together her signature salad that I topped with tuna. Not pictured: 13193 air-fryer fried french fries! My mom’s signature salad is my favorite thing ever! She takes spring mix/spinach and adds in tomatoes, carrots, lime juice, salt and olive oil. She also added pineapple and strawberries to this one! After dinner we all played the game “Five Crowns” and it was the best. Is there anything better than family time?! Nope! 🙂


I was up bright and early Sunday morning to head back home and get ready for church. I booked it over to church to teach Sunday school, stay for the Liturgy, and then head to the grocery store.

I unloaded the groceries and took Owen on a nice long walk around the neighborhood! I totally forgot it was St. Patrick’s day so we had to dodge A LOT of drunk college kids in my neighborhood.

Post-dog walk sunshine, endorphins, and meal-prepping!!


Go-to roasted vegetable recipe —> HERE!


For dinner I had 3 small vegan nut tacos, roasted veggies, and my vegan (not)cho cheese!


I spent the evening doing homework and passing out by 9:30!

This morning I woke up to do my usual Morning Miracle routine of praying, meditating, journaling, saying my affirmations, and drinking coffee! All followed by a quick run with my sidekick.


I swear my day seems 10000% better when I exercise in the morning! I took a quick shower and made a quick chocolate cherry smoothie. Recipe HERE.


I spend most of the day at work and then headed to Spencer’s to study for a little bit. My happy place for sure! After working on a project for a little bit I headed over to my parent’s store to accompany my mom on some errands before I had to head back to campus. I love spending time with her!


I also had a kombucha before heading off to a meeting on campus!

you are free, you are powerful, you are good, you are LOVE, you have value, you have purpose. All is well. (Abraham-Hicks)


And just like that, the recap is over! I hope you had the most amazing week! I also hope you are enjoying the more frequent blog posts. I am trying harder to focus on the things I am passionate about and blogging is definitely one of them!

Bye for now! ❤