I might turn into a smoothie or a vegetable.

Happy Saturday morning! I am sitting on my parents couch watching Full House and sipping my coffee, ready to blog about my week! I also just deep cleaned their floors and pantry so I am feeling pretty accomplished. I try to clean the floors every time I am here since Owen tends to shed all over the place. Fair warning, if the saying is “you are what you eat” I may turn into a smoothie or a vegetable since that’s basically all I ate this week. Or a granola bar, I might turn into one of those too.

Lettuce back up to last Sunday morning where we left things off. I woke up early to get some laundry done and get ready for church. I have been OBSESSED with putting ribbons in my hair. I think it adds such a girly touch to any outfit.


After church I chowed down on a smoothie bowl. This smoothie bowl had:

-1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 C frozen cherries, 1 C almond milk, ice, and 1 scoop vanilla plant based protein powder

I topped everything with peanut butter and granola. Who else is obsessed with granola? I have to be careful around that stuff. I would honestly choose it over cake or cookies…


After running a few errands I got to work prepping some roasted vegetables to eat for the week. Look at my little kitchen helper… I just love him.

Sunday night dinner: sautéed cabbage, roasted veggies, veggie deli slices, and green goddess dressing. I spent the rest of the evening finishing up some homework and getting things ready for the week.


Monday morning I woke up to freezing cold temperatures so I did a mini-workout in my room. I have been doing the Blogilates videos on YouTube and I love them. And I can’t forget about my fruit and veggie capsules! Over 40 fruits and veggies down the hatch!

Post-workout smoothie bowl was the same as the one above! However, I bit into something really weird from the peanut butter that ruined the whole smoothie for me. It was this hard peanut but it wasn’t a peanut at the same time.  I don’t know. I threw away that jar of peanut butter and just looking at this smoothie bowl kind of makes my stomach hurt. Has that ever happened to you? You eat one bad thing and then now it just seems horrible to eat it again.


I spent most of Monday at work and then chowed down on more vegetables and veggie deli slices for dinner.


Tuesday morning I was up early! I did a quick workout and then ate 1/2 unsweetened coconut milk yogurt, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, and some granola!


After class I stopped by the local juice bar, Zest, and picked up so many goodies! I didn’t even get juice!! Hahaha I just got chocolate. These cashews are SINFUL!!! I could eat a whole bag.


I headed up to Glasgow to spend time with my mentor/big sister/ and friend Holly. She is a light!!! I love spending time with her. We made smoothie bowls for lunch and chatted all things life and business.


I headed home later in the afternoon work at the local coffee shop for a while before heading home. I picked up Owen and we headed to the dog park. I had been feeling so bad for him being cooped up in my room all day since it’s been so cold. I bundled up with a good book and let him run around the dog park for an hour.

I was so excited to be making Alaskan salmon for dinner. It’s one of my favorite foods! I broiled it on high for 15 minutes after topping it with this Lemon Agave dressing. So good!


So, after seeing Mackenzie post about her giant salads in mixing bowls…I totally went out and bought a mixing bowl! LOL I made a huge salad with 1/2 the salmon, avocado, grapes, blood oranges, roasted veggies, and spring mix. This was incredible!!


I woke up Wednesday morning ready to get the day started! I took Owen on a walk, took a quick shower, and made my favorite yogurt bowl. The same as above!



I mean…just LOOK at that smile!!!! I could cry he is so cute.


For lunch that day I had a smoothie with a hunk of frozen banana, a handful of frozen peaches, a handful of frozen strawberries, 1 C almond milk, and 1 scoop vanilla protein powder. 



Wednesday afternoon after work I took Owen to the dog park again and then headed to Franklin to hang out with my friend Mandy, her husband, and two little ones. She just had a baby so I brought her some dinner. Oh my goodness her little girl is so cute. Once again, I am 100% positive I am NOT ready for children yet hahaha

I got the sweetest gift in the mail!!! Nikki was kind enough to send me her book on empowering and uplifting poetry. The world needs more positive and kind people like her!! ❤


Thursday morning I had a microbiology exam that went well but was mentally exhausting. I was more than ready to just spend the day not worrying about anything else. I picked up this treat for myself from a local nut butter company in town. Holy cannoli this stuff is AMAZING!!!!! Life changing really.


I had the same smoothie bowl from earlier in my post but I topped it with this almond butter and it was heavenly!


Thursday evening I cooked salmon for my family, my mom made spinach rice and the best salad!


And stay tuned for my next recap because my Friday was really, really good! 🙂

That’s all for now!!! Bye!! I love you!!