Proud Daughter, Vegetable Lover, & Spring Break!

Happy Monday! I am currently cozied up in my pjs watching Parks and Rec at 7:00 p.m. …this is how a 85-year-old trapped in a 23 year olds body spends her final Spring Break.

(Secretly wouldn’t have it any other way!)

Lettuce take this recap back to last Sunday (2.24.19) – after church my mom, sister, and I headed to Corner Bakery Cafe for a late breakfast. We all split a pumpkin muffin and I had the Avocado Bacon and Egg bowl – super tasty! Honestly one of the few things I have gotten at Corner Bakery that I actually like. I usually leave disappointed – but not this time!


The rest of Sunday was spent working on school work/blog things and then eating leftover fajita chicken over spinach with salsa, guacamole, and chips. A little while after dinner my family and I played Brain Games – a board game my mom got us. We all were cracking up because my mom didn’t realize the game was meant for little kids. We were all just wondering why the questions were ridiculously obvious…then we looked at the suggested age range. HAHAH! Love you mom!


Around 9:30 I think Owen was trying to tell me it was time for bed. Goodness I love him.


Monday morning, bright and early, I left my parents house and headed back to mine. I didn’t have any almond milk for my usual smoothie so I used a few leftover eggs in the fridge and took a slice of sprouted toast out of the freezer to make PB&J. Is there anything better than a slice of toast with peanut butter & jelly and a cup of coffee?


After working for a few hours I had leftover chicken + avocado for lunch.


I went to my other job for a little while, went back to school for a meeting, and then met my sister at Starbucks for a quick Americano. I will seriously miss being able to see my sister on campus. Treasuring all these last little moments in my last semester!


After my last class for the day I booked it home to change, make dinner, and snuggle Owen. We were both VERY ready to get some sleep…

IMG_9747Tuesday morning began bright and early with my Morning Miracle. I have gotten a few questions on Instagram about my morning routine so I think I am going to do a whole new blog post on it. I made a quick smoothie, threw on some clothes, and headed to my microbiology class.


After class I went into work and then headed back home to get ready for an event. I went back to my parents house to pick up my mom (she was my date for the evening!) and I made a cup of coffee to go.



I had the privilege of speaking for a few minutes on the power of fruits and vegetables. 


The photo on the left is with one of my role-models in the company I partner with! And the photo on the right is my gorgeous mother who I swear is aging in reverse.


After the event I was more than ready to crawl into bed and get some sleep. I always love being able to hang out with my JP+ family ❤

Wednesday morning I woke up to a puppy who was more than ready to play!


I spent most of the day at work before coming home for lunch and to babysit. More leftover chicken with salsa+cilantro dressing, carrots, cassava flour tortilla chips, and a few plantain chips.


While babysitting I sipped on my new favorite tea! This stuff is packed with flavor.


After babysitting I headed to my parents house to take Owen on a long walk.


I also made my family dinner – sweet potatoes / broccoli / chicken and then a side salad my mom threw together. She makes this salad with spring mix/olive oil/avocado/salt/lime juice and it is INCREDIBLE. So simple and so good!


Also, I want to take a moment to recognize my dad. He has been CRUSHING his weight loss goals. He even became a certified health coach to help others achieve their weight loss goals. I am SO PROUD OF HIM!!!!


Thursday morning I went on a run with my favorite little guy.


Followed by a simple smoothie (frozen banana, vanilla plant protein, cinnamon, almond milk, and ice), topped with granola and nuts. And lots of coffee on my way to class!


Thursday was a busy, busy day and I was SO READY to crawl into bed and veg out watching Parks and Rec with my little snuggle bug.


Vegging out required lots of veggies for dinner (see what I did there? 😉 ) I had roasted veggies, veggie-turkey slices, plantain chips, and almond flour cheddar cheese crackers.


I can’t handle his cuteness!!


Friday morning smoothie bowl – but I was out of homemade granola so I used one of my favorite granola bars.


I went to work for a few hours and the chowed down on roasted veggies, veggie deli slices, and cilantro dressing for lunch.


I went to work at my other job and then headed home for the evening.

So my dinner was really, really ugly but man was it tasty! I mashed half an avocado with salsa and topped a kale burger with it. Then I threw all of that over more roasted veggies!


Really getting crazy on a Friday night, hahah!


Saturday morning I woke up and deep cleaned the house, had a team call, and then made a smoothie bowl for a late lunch. Same recipe as above just with 1/2 C frozen cherries!


A little later in the afternoon I did a few Blogilates workouts and make a quick-lunch. I mixed Safe Catch tuna with 1/2 an avocado – SO TASTY. I also had some carrots, plantain chips, and almond flour cheddar crackers.


I prepared a few customer care packages and then got ready for a date I had that night. I was also dog-sitting my friends dog – they wore each other out! Haha


After my friend picked her dog back up, I finished getting ready and then was off to meet a date for drinks!


The verdict? Very kind, but no sparks. I am still in high hopes God has a special guy out there for me and the sparks will start shooting the second I meet him.

That’s all I have for now! I have a big list of blog posts I want to do so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by the blog! 🙂