Dog walks, smoothies,& vegetables. Are you surprised?

Happy Saturday! I feel like I have been awake for forever and it’s only 10:30 a.m. I hope you had the best week. Mine was good, a little repetitive as you’ll see in this post but sometimes that’s just how it goes. My food is pretty repetitive too but I hope it inspires you to eat healthier and also realize it’s okay to enjoy different things in moderation!

Last Sunday after church I ran home real quick to pack up my laptop and make a smoothie to take with me. I love putting granola or trail mix on smoothies! This smoothie had: 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 C cherries, 1 C almond milk, ice, and 1 scoop vanilla plant protein. 

I spent the afternoon making a cobb salad for a church party, drinking coffee, working on some homework, and then going  to said church party.


Monday morning I was up bright and early to do my usual routine and take Owen on a nice, long walk. It was so rainy the week before that we didn’t get to go out much.


After our walk I made the same smoothie as the day before. And no, those are not giant cashews haha this is just a up close picture of my smoothie in a mug!


I spent the morning at work and then came home to have lunch. I was definitely running  on zero groceries, haha! Eggs + Hilary’s vegetable “sausage”.


I took Owen to the dog park after I ate and let him run around for a few hours while I read a book. He is definitely a hit at the dog park! He runs around to each little dog group, checks on everyone, and just continues to make his rounds. It’s so cute!

When we got back home I had to rush off to my night class. I didn’t get back until around 8 so I made a quick dinner of vegetables and crawled into bed.

The next morning I woke up and attempted to go on a run butttttt it didn’t really work out. That time of the month came (if you know what I mean!) so I was just feeling so great. I made a quick smoothie for breakfast and got ready to head to my class. This is the same smoothie, just no to cherries added!


After my class ended I came home to make a quick-lunch. I had Dr. Praegers kale puffs, eggs, and 2 little slices of paleo banana bread with peanut butter and chocolate chips. Who else gets extremely hungry the day they start their period? Oh, how lovely it is to have PMS.


After going to work I headed to the hospital to see my friend Mandy’s new little baby! Then I came back home and made an early dinner of gluten free, vegan nut tacos with roasted vegetables. I had a certified peer educator training on campus that evening so I knew I wanted to eat early.


I finally crawled into bed around 10:30 and I was EXHAUSTED. So was Owen, clearly. Haha!


Wednesday morning I woke up to rain, threw on some comfy sweatpants since I was still bloated from lovely mother nature, and headed into work.

For lunch I had roasted vegetables and a tuna packet! I also had a some sweet potato tortilla chips on the side. The rest of Wednesday was spent at work, babysitting, and then going to church with my mom!


Thursday morning was beautiful out so Owen and I took a nice, long walk! I love our morning walks together.



After getting back and getting ready for work I made a smoothie bowl. This one had 1/2 a banana, ice, almond milk, and chocolate plant protein powder! You can never have too much chocolate when you’re on your period. TMI? Nope.


I went to class in the morning and then headed into work after that. I love coming back home to this little guy!!


I had another early dinner and then headed back to school for more certified peer educator training.


I didn’t get into bed until closer to 11 and I was so excited to fall asleep! I love this little cuddle bug.


Friday morning was another walk around town with this guy!! How cute is he?!


Another chocolate smoothie bowl for breakfast, plus chocolate granola and peanut butter! Heaven in a bowl I’m convinced.


I had work until 1 and then came home to make a plate of vegetables! Owen should know by now that I don’t share food with him…


After lunch my dad surprised me a cute little TV in my room! It was so sweet. After that I headed into work. I ran a few errands with my mom and we stopped at Panera to grab some bread for the vegetable soup for dinner. We also got coffee and treats! This was the best chocolate croissant ever. I was a good sister and saved half to bring back to work for my brother. 🙂


My sister and I went to a succulent party and made our own succulent plants! Then we headed to my parents house for super tasty vegetable soup! I love my mom’s cooking.


And then I made No Bake Cookies. 🙂 I love treating myself to foods I don’t normally eat all the time – but boy does it make me excited to get back to eating healthy foods! Everything in moderation, right?! Right!


And just like that – its Saturday again! I am off to make more coffee, take Owen on a walk since the rain cleared up, and then who knows after that!

Have the best weekend ever! ❤