I finally passed a microbio exam! oh, & I ate a lot of vegetables, what’s new?


After 2 failed attempts at Microbiology…I finally passed my FIRST EXAM ever my third time in the class…I guess third time’s the charm right?!?!

I apologize for this giant picture of my face, but I could NOT contain my excitement when I found out!!!


In other new, I ate this really pretty smoothie Thursday for lunch! This chocolate PB smoothie tasted more like a milkshake and I loved it.

1/2 frozen banana, a few ice cubes, 1 scoop JP+ chocolate complete, 1 T raw cacao powder, 1 C almond milk – blend – top with 1  T Enjoy Life chocolate chips, 1 tsp peanut butter, and a handful of your favorite granola. I made this sugar-free,salt-free,oil-free one that I can’t share with you just yet 🙂 I promise it’s better than it sounds, lol.


After practically inhaling my smoothie, I headed to work for a few hours. I could barely keep my eyes open on Thursday night, so an early bedtime was a must. This whole waking up at 4 a.m. thing is really fun and all but I hate getting sleepy at 6 p.m.

Ohhhh whoops! I got so excited to tell you about my exam, I forgot to mention my run that morning. It was only slightly cold. 🙂




Friday I spent all day at two different jobs and then crashed at my parents house – I have been watching Justified with my parents on the weekends and I usually am too sleepy to drive past 10:30. Ya know, I used to feel “lame” or like a “loser” for hanging out with my family on the weekends and falling asleep early instead of going out and partying – but I really love my weekends with my loved ones! We always have fun and I know I will appreciate the memories when I get older. ❤


Saturday morning I met my new friend Maibelline for coffee at Spencer’s! And I have a story for you!! Do you remember last week when I told you I was to chicken to go up to that boy I thought was cute?!?! Well, Saturday I saw him at the coffee shop! I told myself that after my conversation with my friend was over I would march right up to him and introduce myself. I didn’t even give myself time to overthink it! Well – I downed the rest of my coffee, stood up, and walked right over to him! I tapped him on the shoulder…he looked slightly confused…but I put on my best smile, complimented his Instagram (because he’s a tattoo artist – and I love giving compliments). After he said thank you he asked what my name was – I said “It’s Anastasia and don’t forget it!” and then I smiled and walked away.

HOLY MOLY – never ever EVER would I walk up to a complete random stranger, especially a cute one, and introduce myself. This whole personal development stuff is really paying off – my confidence has really grown! Now, I may never talk to him again – but that’s okay because now that I have gone up to someone once, I can do it again.

Post-Introduction-Success-Smoothie for lunch! This recipe is the same as above because it is really darn tasty!


After lunch and a quick trip to the grocery store – I headed back to Spencer’s to meet my other friend Mackayla for coffee!! She is such a cute human, I just love her.

After my 7th cup of coffee for the day (if only I were kidding), I got dressed to head to church to help cater an event. It was super fun and super exhausting! I was more than ready to crawl into bed when I got home.

Sunday morning the weather was beautiful! So I took my favorite little guy on a long walk around the neighborhood.


After our walk I made a quick batch of GF blueberry muffins for church and then got ready to go.

After church I went back to my parent’s house for coffee! ❤


I don’t really know what I am going with my hands but I do know the weather was PERFECT! I also wrote this blog post: CLICK HERE – about what happens when you start thinking positively. ❤


I came back to my house late Sunday evening EXHAUSTED! I feel like I say that a lot, haha.

Monday morning I was up at 4 a.m. for my morning miracle, followed by a quick run with Owen. I spent most of the day at work before heading to the coffee shop to work on some homework. When I got back home I roasted up these delicious vegetables. I won’t even go into my love affair with roasted vegetables, because you already know!


For dinner I had the veggies I prepared and a Dr. Praegers veggie burger!


Tuesday morning I went on another run with Owen and then got ready for the day. When I got to school, I noticed all the lights were off with only 5 minutes before class was supposed to begin – I checked my email and yep, class was canceled. I laughed to myself and then walked back to my car. I decided to head into work early instead! One of my jobs is at my parent’s truck tire store – hence all the wheels in the below picture.


Around 1 I headed to my other job on campus – after working for a few hours I booked it home for a Zoom Call with my mentor, Holly! I always love our calls together! They leave me feeling super refreshed and excited about life! ❤


More veggies for dinner + tuna + butternut squash risotto.


Wednesday morning I was up at 4 a.m. for my morning miracle routine and then I worked on a presentation I had to do that day. I had a quick bowl of oatmeal and then got ready to drive 2 hours for my presentation.


My hair didn’t last long once the torrential downpour began. 🙂


The rain was so terrible I ended up going 30 mph on the interstate and genuinely had no idea if anyone was around me or if I was going to hit someone. I basically prayed for 2 hours straight. Luckily, I am a planner so I still had an hour before my presentation! I stopped at Panera for a quick-lunch! For some reason they gave me extra bread and extra salad – I wasn’t going to complain though! After lunch I drove to my presentation – killed my presentation!! – and then headed back home. The drive home was MUCH better. I blasted my Manifestation Babe podcast and thought about my life.


I got home around 2 and made a quick meal for a family at church! I made my Pesto Quinoa with roasted vegetables (I added chicken too!) + my cashew cookie balls!

Around 5:30 I had…you guessed it…more vegetables! I also had a few NutTacos – these were insanely good! I saw Taralynn from Simply Taralynn eat them and I knew I had to try!


Thursday morning I woke up – did my morning miracle – and then did a few YouTube workout videos. (I love anything Blogilates!) It has been raining the last few days and clearly we are getting cabin fever… we miss our outdoor runs. I didn’t snap a picture but when I was doing those pilates ab 100’s (where you are in a V shape, pumping your arms), Owen was resting his head on my stomach – it was so cute!! My dream of him becoming a cuddler is finally coming true.


After a quick workout – I made amazing oatmeal! I am definitely someone who will spend 10 minutes sautéing apples for oatmeal rather than putting on makeup for class. 🙂

1/4 C oats, 1 C almond milk, cinnamon – heat on stove until liquid is absorbed – add in 1 scoop vanilla plant protein, I used JP+ complete — sauté 1/2 a fuji apple in cinnamon, clove, 1 tsp maple syrup — top with 1 tsp peanut butter & chocolate b/c why not?! I used Lily’s chocolate 


And that’s all I have for now. 🙂 I hope you had the best week ever!! and I hope you have an even better weekend!