Lots of coffee, the Morning Miracle, & a Snow Day!

Good morning and happy Monday! I am writing this to you at 7:19 p.m. on a Sunday night and I am struggling to keep my eyes open… yes, I may be a 87 on the inside.

Lettuce back this recap up to last Sunday because I can barely remember what happened before that… yep. Definitely 87 on the inside.

Sunday started with coffee before getting to church early to teach Sunday school. Orthodox Christians technically aren’t allowed to having anything before communion on Sundays but God and I have an understanding that I can have coffee before I teach 4 year olds at 9:00 on a Sunday morning. 🙂


The rest of Sunday was spent hanging out with my sweet friend Naomi from church. We went to get a toy for Owen, got coffee at Spencers, and then I took her to the grocery store with me. I have watched Naomi grow up since she was just a little girl – it’s so fun to see her getting older!!

Monday morning began bright and early at 4:00 a.m. with my Morning Miracle, a longggg dog walk – and this smoothie!


I spent all of Monday working at my first job, second job, and the my nanny job…goodness Monday was a long day! But I survived!

I was in bed early and ready to get some sleep. Tuesday I woke up for my Morning Miracle. You HAVE to look into the Morning Miracle – it is all about how the way you start your morning can change your whole day for the better.

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Tuesday was also my THIRD first day of Microbiology – please dear Lord let me pass!


Once I got home I went on quick run around the neighborhood and a sipped on a smoothie!

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I spent the rest of the day at work and was more than ready to crawl in bed with my plate of roasted vegetables.


I promise it’s true – the more you eat vegetables, the more you crave them. The more you cook vegetables, the easier it will become to eat them! You just have to experiment. Just because you had steamed brussel sprouts as a child and hated them, doesn’t mean you’ll hate roasted brussel sprouts as an adult. Just because grandma served you canned yams as a child, doesn’t mean you’ll hate cinnamon-roasted sweet potatoes as an adult. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the vegetables that once scared you! Branch out and try something new! Once you realize how easy it is to make vegetables, you’ll want them all the time! My favorites happen to be: sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots, & broccoli – they taste so good roasted up & topped with @organicgirl herb dressing!


Wednesday was another 4 a.m. wake-up call…Owen is still snoozing when I am awake. He isn’t a fan just yet 🙂

Also – I have been loving PB&J! I had a huge craving for it when I was at Kroger on Sunday so I got some sprouted bread, natural PB, and strawberry jam made with honey instead of sugar – SO SO SO GOOD!


I always hate leaving this little guy before going to work all day!

Okay…fast forward to Friday – my 6th favorite day of the week, right after Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday… ya see, why do we put such a big emphasis on Friday’s or Saturday’s? Because they start the weekend? Because it’s a small break from your job? Guess what…did you know everyday can be your favorite day? It’s true! Imagine waking up everyday genuinely excited to get started on everything you have to do. We only get one life – ONE – I refuse to make the weekends my favorite when every day of the week has the potential to be wonderful, thrilling, & darn right amazing. Thankful for today & every day

I was up bright and early at 4 a.m. before leaving to head to my internship for a 6 a.m. biometric screening. After the screenings I headed to my other job for the rest of the afternoon. I spent the rest of the night at my church helping with the Room In The Inn program that brings the homeless population into churches during the winter months.

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Saturday morning I was up bright and early again before getting ready to head to Murfreesboro to hang out with my favorite people. I also wrote THIS blog post before getting ready and I am so thankful for the kindest responses to it!!!

Once we got to Murfreesboro I FINALLY got to meet the cutest Claire!!! We are literally the same person, haha! Do you ever meet people like that?


How beautiful are these ladies?!?! They inspire me so much!!


It was another day of growing & learning about who I am – I love this company for just that reason. I am constantly being surrounded by inspiring women (& men!) who want to love you and support you and help you GROW.  I am so thankful for this business because it is forcing me to grow into the woman I know God intended me to be. My sweetest friend Holly says that we are already enough, but there is nothing wrong with consistently growing and checking in on yourself. You want to know what else is sweet about Holly? She surprises you with little gifts like this one because she believes in you! (…She also lets you break down crying in her car when you question your worth & then she lifts you back up again with the TRUTH!)


After an incredibly emotional day, I went on a run around the neighborhood to clear my mind!


Followed by this AMAZING AB&J smoothie… omg.

-1 C almond milk, 1 scoop vanilla plant protein, 1 C frozen cherry/plum/blueberry mix – BLEND, top with almond butter & granola.


I snuggled up on my parents couch to watch a show with them while I drank my smoothie. How cute is our family dog?


I fell asleep early Saturday night! I was so exhausted and ready to catch up on some sleep. When I woke up Sunday morning it was a SNOW DAY!! This little guy woke me up early but I didn’t mind since he was so snuggly. ❤

A snow day in Kentucky means church is canceled, drinking my weight in coffee, & sitting it in the hot tub!


After soaking in the hot tub for a while I made a quick breakfast!


Around 11 I made some Simple Mills pumpkin muffins too! Because what’s a snow day without baking?


After doing some homework, watching a show with my parents, I finally made my way back to my house to work on this blog post and some more homework! My dinner was very ugly but I had the same thing the other day so here is a better picture… 🙂


That’s all I have for now! I hope you have the most wonderful week EVER! ❤