22 Things that Happened At 22!

Hi friends! Today is my last day as a 22-year-old and I thought it was be fun to look back on 22 things I did when I was 22. This year was filled with adventures, lessons learned, and discovering who I am. I cannot wait to see what 23 has to offer!

1. I got a my own dog!

If you have read my blog for more than 2 minutes you know that Owen is a HUGE part of my life and totally changed my year.


2. I got to work at a juice shop!

Working at a juice shop was one of my favorite parts of being 22! I got to meet so many different people and it was truly one of the coolest environments to work in.


3. I went to Kansas City with some really cool humans.

We laughed, we cried, and I am better for it! I will never forget my time in KC with some of my favorite people.

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4. I lost my grandpa.

My grandpa was the last of my living grandparents and losing him was TOUGH. I miss him very much but I am so grateful for the time I had with him.


5. I ate A LOT of oatmeal.

Again, if you have read my blog for more than 2 minutes you know my obsession for oatmeal. I have a huge list of yummy recipes on my recipe tab!

This one is PB pear:


This one is Chocolate Cherry Chia:


6. I went to a salad-in-a-jar party that I had no idea would change my year.

I met my mentor at this party and I didn’t even know it yet. Looking at this picture makes me smile and makes me sad – I had no idea my afternoon would be changed forever a few hours after this was taken (a 3.5 year relationship ended!), I also didn’t know that I would meet the very woman who changed my whole year! (A lifetime friendship began!)


7. I decided to cut and dye my hair.

Yeah, that ended quickly. I realized I love my natural hair & face way more!


8. I created the perfect trail mix.

You definitely want to make this one! Recipe HERE.


9. I watched my baby sister graduate high school.

* Cue all the tears!! *


10. I went through a long phase of only drinking green smoothies.



11. I took care of Owen after he got neutered.

Yes, I did bawl my eyes out as they took him back for his surgery… I’m not dramatic or anything…


12. I made some darn good hummus.

Recipe HERE !!!!


13. I learned to TOUCH my TOES!

Guys, it only took me 22 years to do it.


14. I ate the best bagel of my life that my mom shipped in from New York.

I mean – I want this so badly right now… just look at that beauty!


15. I atteneded a gala with my favorite human!

Yes, this would be my mentor I mentioned above. She is a such a radiant light!


16. I went to Florida for a company I love more than ever with people I love more than ever.

And I grew SO MUCH!




17. I took Owen on 1423587 walks.

If you want more exercise –> get a dog!


18. I drank more coffee than you would humanly think is possible.

And I enjoyed every sip. #noregrets


19. I fell in love with running again.

I took a longggggg 2 year hiatus and I am back to my favorite form of exercise!


20. I got a tattoo.

To remind me where I want to be and remind me where I have been.


21. I read A LOT of self-development books so that…


22. I could learn to fall in LOVE with myself.

And it only took 22 years! Haha!


But seriously. I could have put 328 million more things on this post – that’s HOW GOOD my year was. 22 was INCREDIBLE. I grew SO MUCH! I am continuously growing, learning, and discovering who I am but that year changed me. I learned to love spending time by myself. I learned to love the way I look in the mirror. I learned to love my body when it exercises and when it doesn’t. I learned to cultivate kindness in the situations that need them most. I learned to really, truly, place my heart/mind/soul in the hands of God and let HIM lead the way.

23, I am coming for ya ❤