Owen’s Birthday, Shred10, & Food Fears!

Happy Wednesday! Before I get into today’s recap I have to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my most favorite thing on this earth…


Owen turns 1 today!! They grow up so fast!! This kid is the highlight of my year and I can’t wait to discover all the adventures we will go on together. I love you Owen!! ❤

*I write this as if he can actually read my blog or something lol*

Backing up to last Wednesday, I posted a few of my favorite books on Instagram. These books have molded and shaped my life over the course of 2018 and I love constantly learning and growing. What are some of your favorite books??


For a long time I thought I had to be unhappy. I thought my mental illness defined me. I chose to be stubborn and sad in social situations. I chose to be angry when things didn’t go my way. I chose to be jealous at someone’s success. I chose to cry when someone didn’t like me. I chose to sit around feeling sorry for myself. And I chose to let depression take over and define who I was in all areas of my life. I lost friendships, relationships, and my connection with God. But like I have said before, 2018 was the BIGGEST year of CHANGE for me. Change for the better. Change for the good. As relationships ended I prayed for a solution, a community, something to help guide me. God brought so many different people into my life (you know who you are b/c I tell you I ❤️ you all the time!!), He guided me on a new path, He held my hand when I felt like giving up, He led me to these books. These few, simple books have changed my outlook on life. They have made me better, stronger, HAPPIER. They have taught me how to turn negative situations into positives, they have taught me to dream big and dream loud because dreams DO come true. They have taught me that NO, mental illness does NOT define you. YOU define YOU. And so, I choose to be happy, positive, and enjoy my life exactly as it is today. I am ever-growing and changing and I know 10 years from now I will have new books that guide me along. But for now, I am holding these one’s close to my heart. 


After working all day, I enjoyed a nice big bowl of pasta to end the night! I posted the recipe HERE. 🙂


I honestly cannot remember what I did Thursday…I know I went to work and class. LOL

So, lettuce jump to Friday! I spent the morning with my mom running errands for my parent’s new store that was opening up on Monday. We also stopped at Penn Station for lunch!


Fun fact: I used to be scared of sandwiches. 😯 I would steer clear of any restaurant that offered anything related to heavy carbs. Oh the mentality of an eating disorder. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I haven’t really eaten a sub sandwich in… 4 years? If it was the only option I would eat all the insides and throw away the bread… tragic. But for the last few days my body has been screaming for a sandwich! One loaded with every vegetable on a toasted slice of bread. (White bread I might add) also, I ate french fries along with it because why not? 💁🏻‍♀️ It may seem so silly to some people that you can be scared to sandwiches – but sadly, there are so many foods you can be scared of. I’m only now just slowly crossing those foods off my list. 👌🏼 eat what you want in moderation because life is way too short to be scared of sandwiches! 


Saturday was spent was spent baking and getting my parent’s new shop in order. My mom made these insanely delicious cranberry, white chocolate, pistachio biscotti!! They are soooo goooood!


I eventually got around to going on a run with Owen – he LOVES running. Plus, I love that it tires him out easily once we get back home lol


My run was followed by a pumpkin pie smoothie ❤


I woke up early on Sunday to teach Sunday School and then it was off to finalize everything for my parent’s shop opening Monday!!! I was so tired that evening – I could barely finish up my homework. IMG_5545

Sunday I was up bright and early for a meeting I had to go to on campus. It was also Day 1 of Shred10 so I was very excited for that! Here is more info on the Shred10: CLICK HERE


I spent the morning at work and then booked it home to make this healthy hot cocoa before heading off to my nanny job.


Tuesday morning Owen and I woke up super early to fit in a run before getting ready for the day. As soon as we left the house it started sleeting – but I pushed through and had a really great run!



Post run heavenliness … Dark Chocolate Almond Cherry Smoothie!! Sooooo creamy and delicious!


I went to work for a little bit and then met up with my friend Holly for coffee + life talks. I love spending time with her! She’s so inspirational and radiates positivity!


She also brought me some of the best chocolate around!!!


Around 2 I whipped up another pumpkin pie smoothie for lunch and walked to class.


After class I met up with my sister so we could pick up supplies for soup. I had been craving vegetable soup all day and this one hit the spot! I had a lot of people ask me what the recipe is so I will write it all down and post it on the blog tomorrow. 🙂


And that’s all I got this week! I am off to celebrate the birthday boy !! ❤

I hope you have a wonderful week!