Things are just THINGS.

Hi there! It is currently 10:28 p.m. on a Friday night and I am WIDE AWAKE. This is very rare for me since I usually like to be in bed sleeping by 9:30 every night. Tonight is different though, in a good way!


Do you ever feel the urge to just literally get rid of everything? I feel this way a lot. I am currently at my parent’s house for the holiday, sitting in my room that I have had since middle school just looking at all the crap I have accumulated throughout the years. I guess “crap” is kind of negative tone – but seriously, that’s what it is. Sure, there are several mementos, letters, pictures, etc. that have a special meaning but ultimately what do I need those things for?

They are just THINGS. Simple things.

So anyways, I successfully got rid of almost everything with little-to-no meaning and I am feeling much better. I kept all my old yearbooks, pictures, letters & cards from family, and a few special books. And that still feels like A LOT left. Maybe it’s just the year coming to an end soon and I am feeling the need to refresh but, man does it feel good to let go of some things!

It might also have something to do with today being Black Friday. The day where everyone seems to be obsessed with getting more things. But hey, don’t get me wrong –  I love shopping. Buying new clothes is one of my favorite things. But as my mom, sister, and I walked aimlessly around the mall today I couldn’t help but feel the overwhelming urge to just get ride of everything that doesn’t mean anything to me.

I’m sorry this blog post is all over the place – but sometimes I just need to let my thoughts out. And it’s my blog so I will do what I want to 🙂


A few other changes I am making: a simple 10 day cleanse ((no dairy, gluten, sugar, meat, caffeine, processed foods – more fruits & veggies, JP+ capsules & shakes, more water)(NO, this is not for weight loss,  I just need a break from sugar)), less time on Instagram, and a tattoo.

Yes, a tattoo. My brother, sister, and dad have them and I want one now. Just a teeny-tiny one. I never, ever thought I would want one – but I feel differently these days.

A really, really, good kind of different. ❤