Quick Recap before THANKSGIVING <3

This is how I feel about Thanksgiving being tomorrow…


But forreal. I plan on working most of the day and then spending the evening baking pumpkin pie and then playing cards and eating popcorn with a friend! What do you do the day before Thanksgiving? I always end up making most of the food on actual Thanksgiving – the only thing I make the day before is the pie.

Anyways, I wanted to pop on here real quick to do a recap post before the Thanksgiving holiday begins!

Back track to Sunday… I went to church, taught Sunday school, and then forced my sister to take pictures of me outside. Gotta get that content for the gram, ya know? (Do people still refer to Instagram as the “gram”  – I feel like I am totally not with the times.)


I also made the most delicious little brunch for myself:

2 Kodiak cake cinnamon protein waffles & 1 egg + 2 egg whites w/ mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, sauerkraut, & avocado. This meal took less than 10 mins to make and kept me full for hours! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard.


After drinking way too much coffee, I headed to the grocery store with my mom (and everyone else in town) to load up on Thanksgiving supplies.

Rockin’ that side pony since circa 2008.


After surviving the grocery store, Owen and I headed back home to enjoy a quiet night in snuggled up on my bed to catch up on homework. I wish I could tell you what I ate for dinner but for the life of my I can’t remember. I use to take pictures of everything I ate and now 8/10 I forget!!

Monday morning started with a longggg dog walk. I needed to mentally prepare myself for the week and Owen needed to get some energy out so the long walk was needed. After getting home I made my favorite 1 C of unsweetened coconut milk yogurt mixed with 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder and got ready for work.

Also, how cute is this? One of my bosses left me a little present before she left for the holiday break!


After getting off work at one, I headed home to take a nap before my nanny job at 3! Luckily I was able to go home at around 5:30 because I was EXHAUSTED. I decided I needed comfort food and a good movie to end the Monday. I was also greeted by my favorite…


Here’s how I made the pasta: EASY PESTO PASTA – for when I’m craving pasta but I don’t want something too heavy! {1/2 C @eatbanza chickpea pasta cooked according to package – heat 1 T olive oil on stove w/ garlic, 1 head of broccoli – once broccoli is cooked through add in 2 handfuls of spinach, season w/ salt & pepper – drain pasta – add in broccoli & spinach – stir in 1-2 T green pesto}


And, how cool is this? The people I nanny for are from Greece and all of their family still lives there. They gave me a giant jar of cold-pressed olive oil from their family’s olive tree farm back in Greece! Fun fact: I actually visited their family in Greece my freshman year of college. 🙂


I curled up in my bed with all my blankets, the Christmas lights on, Owen at my feet, and my pasta in my lap while I watched my ALL TIME FAVORITE –


I can basically quote every line at this point.

I went to bed around 9:30 and then woke up at 5:30 to take Owen on another long walk. After our walk I popped my whole-food-vine-ripened fruit & vegetable capsules and got ready for the day.


I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving if you are celebrating in the U.S. !!!

I will leave you with this amazing picture of my little Owen….