My new favorite go-to vegetable recipe!

Good morning from Tampa! It is 6:09 a.m. here which means it is 5:09 a.m. back home. We are heading to the convention center around 8 today so I knew I needed a good one hours of alone time this morning before everyone else wake up 🙂


I am slowly sipping my coffee and ready to write this morning. I am having so much fun in Tampa learning about this amazing company that continues to surprise me but there are 8,000 people here…and I don’t really do crowds. Especially crowds of screaming women…so I need this quite time to just write and feel like myself for a few minutes.

I will say, I cannot wait to share everything I am learning here with you! So many exciting things!!!

Until then, I wanted to share a quick and easy vegetable recipe with you that I made on Wednesday night and have been eating on repeat.


I took a bag of frozen sweet potato rice and frozen cauliflower rice (The Green Giant brand!) and steamed that in the microwave for 6 minutes. Then I took a small jar of green pesto and stirred that in. HEAVEN! and it was the cheapest thing ever!! This would be perfect for college students shopping on a budget, busy mom’s looking for a new way to serve their kids veggies, or the busy worker bee needing a quick-lunch at work that’s healthy.

I paired this side dish with steamed brussels sprouts, carrots, and hummus for dinner on Wednesday and then Thursday morning I paired it with some eggs. There is no shortage of variety with this dish.


Plus, it keeps you full because the pesto is filled with healthy fats! You will have to let me know if you give this quick recipe a try.

I am off to grab more coffee and get ready for the day. I am feeling more like myself already just making a little post on my blog this morning. 🙂

Happy Friday, friends!