A Few Things From My Week!

Happy Wednesday! I apologize for skipping out on my usual long recaps these past few weeks – life has been a little busier than usual and I haven’t been taking that many pictures. Anyways, I am currently in route to Tampa, Florida for the rest of the week and I wanted to share a few things that I did this past week.

I. Fall flannel and cozy cups of coffee in the afternoon.

My favorite thins all in one picture…flannel, coffee, and pumpkin biscotti LOL. I love that the weather is finally cool enough to enjoy a cup of coffee outside in the afternoon without sweating to death. I live for cool and breezy 50 degree weather.



II. Brussels sprouts and cottage cheese is my new favorite snack.

I recognize that these two food groups are some of the least favorite among the population and the fact that I paired them together? Almost unthinkable…almost. This combo is killer and has been my favorite snack lately! Don’t knock it till ya try it.


This leads me to my third thing…

III. Just brussels sprouts in general.

I have been eating them on repeat lately!! I love them roasted but lately I have just been steaming the frozen bags (because they are only $1!!!) and I season them with olive oil, salt, and pepper.


IV. Avocado toast is so, so, soooo good and I don’t know why I don’t make it more.

I had to be up super early for the local 10k on Saturday and I hate a piece of toasted sourdough, half a small avocado with salt and pepper, and a hard-boiled egg before I left. This kept me full for 5 hours!!!!



V. I have been loving salads…but you already know this about me.


VI. It is FINALLY long sleeve running weather!!!

I ran the other morning around 11 and wore long sleeves and it was WONDERFUL. Then I took Owen for a walk yesterday morning around 5:30 and I got to wear a jacket….A JACKET. *insert all the praise hands*



Well, that’s all I got 🙂 See you Friday with some of my favorite things!!!

3 thoughts on “A Few Things From My Week!

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Hey girl! Oh my goodness that picture of your flannel and the coffee is so quintessential fall perfection! And I am definitely gonna try the brussels and cottage cheese together- I love unexpected food combos. Oh, and you can’t ever go wrong with avocado toast!! Have an excellent week, dear! XO


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