to say i am stressed would be an understatment




So, this week has been really, really, reallllyyyy hectic. And last week was hectic, and the week before that was hectic and basically I am just like “when does the hectic part end?”


I have been feeling a little all over the place. I haven’t felt the need to check Instagram these past few days, I haven’t felt the urge to text or call anyone, and I haven’t had the time to even sit down and write about my normal blog posts.


My days have been: Wake-up, run, rush to Job #1, rush to Job #2, and then rush to Job #3 and in between all the madness I have to remember to drink water, eat something, make sure my dog gets his exercise, work on group projects, work on my internship, and get to different club meetings.


Another thing – I don’t handle stress well. Like, at all. And I also don’t handle letting people down very well. I feel like I have been running around doing all these different jobs and I can’t fully give 100% to them. I’ve been slacking on my internship, blog, homework, etc. because I can’t seem to make everything fit into one day without completely going insane.


Anyways, today I needed an outlet and I am so thankful this blog does that for me.


So, if you are stressed out just remember – I am right there with ya. I firmly believe God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle.