weekly recap: embracing where i am and who i am.

It’s Thursday night and this weekly recap should have gone up on Wednesday morning…but sometime’s (read: all the time) life happens and things change or get moved around.

But here we are! Better late than never. Last Thursday I woke up at my parents house to take care of their dog and immediately brewed some coffee. The weather was absolutely perfect so I enjoy my cup of coffee on the back porch while finishing last week’s recap.


For breakfast I made a veggie scramble with 1 egg, broccoli, spinach, and mushrooms. I also had two slices of bacon and half a whole grain bagel on the side with PB and frozen banana chunks.


I realized I didn’t have anything to wear to work so I went in search of something in my mom’s closet.


I spent the rest of Thursday at work and then attended a an event / dinner with the women from my church that evening. It was so nice getting to spend time with this incredible group of ladies!

I went to bed incredibly exhausted!

Friday morning I woke up, made the same breakfast as Thursday and headed into work. For lunch I had 2 hard-boiled eggs, 1/4 of an avocado, some chicken, and spinach.


I also captured this beautiful rainbow after a rain shower late Friday afternoon!


I stayed the night at my parent’s house again and it was safe to say both Owen and I were more than ready for bed! I spent the evening reading, eating cherry amaretto ice cream ALONE.

This season of life has been so crazy, but in the best way. I have never been truly alone for so long. But I am fully embracing it! I have enjoyed these last few months getting to spend my time doing things I thoroughly enjoy and getting to do them by myself. Well, Owen is usually around! I have been listening to so many podcasts and reading so many books on self-development and I 1000% believe God has me right where He wants me in this season of life and I am choosing to fully embrace it. 


Saturday morning I was up early to make a quick breakfast before helping my parents work at a race we were volunteering for. Also, if you haven’t added peanut butter to your sweet potatoes yet you are doing life wrong.



Later that morning I had to book it home so I could change to work an event for my other job. Can you tell by my face how much I love this job? Talking about health and wellness to others is my favorite thing.


After working the event I braved the rain and managed to make it to the grocery store for a few things.

For dinner that night I had a plate LOADED with vegetable. Perfection.


My favorite company lately…


Sunday morning I was up bright and early for church to teach my little Sunday School group. We learned all about how God loves our families so I obviously had to participate in the coloring portion.


After church I was starving so I made a little brunch spread when I got home.


After taking Owen on a long dog walk and reading for a while, I went back to my parent’s house for dinner. We had roasted vegetables, rice, and coconut chicken. SO GOOD.


When I got home later that night I meal prepped a few overnight oats, chia seed puddings, and made a huge egg bake to eat all week for lunches.

I enjoyed one of the overnight oats on Monday morning!

After working at two different jobs all day, I had to book it to my third job at three. I am a nanny for a little girl a few times a week and Monday’s always mean I will be eating a delicious meal since her family is Greek and makes the best food. I enjoyed a big bowl of lentil soup with feta cheese, avocado, and seeded bread.


As I was driving home I started thinking about embracing my life again. I don’t want to just embrace WHERE I am in life ( like being single or alone ) but I want to embrace WHO I am. At 22, I can honestly say I have never been so sure of who I am. Now, I know who I am will change and grow continuously but I feel like in my heart I know who God made me to be. Does that make sense? I feel like my personality and my passion for helping and connecting with others has really grown in the last few months and I am loving it.


My sweet tooth kicked in later that night so I blended 1 frozen banana with JP+ chocolate complete and topped it with mini chocolate chips and some granola.

Tuesday morning I woke up and made a huge breakfast smoothie to drink before going to work.


I also picked up these gems running errands with my mom later that day!


Around 2 I headed to my parents house to use their gym equipment for a super sweaty workout. After about an hour of doing different circuits I headed home. I sliced half an apple and dipped it into a chocolate protein dip and snacked away!


Later for dinner I had the leftover from Sunday night with an added lemon dill sauce. My trick for leftovers: switch up the sauces! When I had this meal on Sunday I used BBQ sauce but Tuesday night I used a lemon dill sauce the flavors were completely different.


Alright, it’s 9:27 now and my brain hurts. It’s been a longggggg day! Thanks for stopping by the blog today.